Raider Way Cafe prices increase as the end of the year approaches

The cafe increases their prices, making it harder for students to afford their favorite treats


S. Omoniyi

Students lined up at the Red Raider café ordering their choice of selections

By Sharon Omoniyi

Chatters erupt near the lunch area. A multitude of students all line up at the Raider Way Café, ready to get their morning coffee and snacks to get through the day. In front of them lay an array of foods ranging from savory, sugary donuts, several soft drinks, delicious fruit cups, and miscellaneous snacks. 

Though this has become normal in the school, students are concerned about the high price of the food sold at the cafe.

“I think the [Raider Way] Café prices are unreasonably high for the quality of food they’re serving,” sophomore Jola Aluko said. 

Most students feel the same way that Aluko does. It is challenging to want to have your first meal of the day, but have insufficient funds. Bento boxes and double espressos for $4, salads for $3.75, and other high prices are all imprinted on the poster next to the big words “RED RAIDER CAFE.” All of these prices quickly add up when accompanied by other items. 

The main cafeteria accepts your money when your lunch account has a negative balance, but the café does not. This can cause embarrassment as some students feel shame in not being able to afford the items. 

“A lot of people can’t afford a lot of the things they want, like beverages, food, and snacks, so this might cause low self-esteem amongst students,” sophomore Kai Sanchez said. 

Compared to prices from last year, the prices of a meal are even higher this year, sometimes costing over $3 for a full meal.

“Everything is so expensive right now, everything has gone up across the board.” assistant principal Tom Kempf said. 

Labor shortages and a higher economic demand have caused prices of virtually any product to rise. The prices are randomly changing; donuts previously costed $1.25, but now cost $1.75. This raises questions as to how frequently the prices can be changed. Students hope the Food Service Board can find a way to make café alternatives in hopes of a more affordable and accessible substitute to everyone.