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Students lined up at the Red Raider café  ordering their choice of selections

Raider Way Cafe prices increase as the end of the year approaches

The cafe increases their prices, making it harder for students to afford their favorite treats
By Sharon Omoniyi
November 16, 2022

Chatters erupt near the lunch area. A multitude of students all line up at the Raider Way Café, ready to get their morning coffee and snacks to get through...

The initial excitement of opening week dies down as the news of unavailable items spread

Raider Way Cafe struggles to meet demand

HHS new coffee shop operates throughout the school day with low levels of supplies
By Emma McCoy
November 25, 2021

As the students of Huntley High School roam the halls before the 7:30 a.m. bell, many start their day off at the Raider Way Cafe. The build-up and anticipation...

The Late Start Live sign continues to remain in the commons area, informing the students that it is starting back up soon. (A. Wiley)

The late arrival of Late Start Live

The students at HHS are still wondering when Late Start Live will return after COVID-19
By Angel Wiley
November 14, 2021

Much of the population is ecstatic for the new, accessible Raider Way Cafe but are unaware of the many repercussions it has had on aspects of the commons...

A. Raistrick

Grand Opening of Raider Way Cafe, 11.12.21

By Addison Raistrick
November 13, 2021

Students eagerly line up to try the many options at the brand new coffee shop in Huntley High school. All the students have been excitedly awaiting the...

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