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The initial excitement of opening week dies down as the news of unavailable items spread

Raider Way Cafe struggles to meet demand

HHS new coffee shop operates throughout the school day with low levels of supplies
By Emma McCoy
November 25, 2021

As the students of Huntley High School roam the halls before the 7:30 a.m. bell, many start their day off at the Raider Way Cafe. The build-up and anticipation...

Raider Way Cafe employees working between class periods.

A New Beginning: The Raider Way Cafe

Introducing the Raider Way Cafe, an addition to Huntley High School that allows staff and students to enjoy food and drinks throughout the school day. Although there are noticeable flaws in the cafe, one cannot help but see the potential for the future.
By Matt O'Connell
November 15, 2021

Every morning, hundreds of Huntley High School students reluctantly roll out of bed, drained of energy, anticipating piles of work added to their schedules....

A. Raistrick

Grand Opening of Raider Way Cafe, 11.12.21

By Addison Raistrick
November 13, 2021

Students eagerly line up to try the many options at the brand new coffee shop in Huntley High school. All the students have been excitedly awaiting the...

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BOE Meeting on April 15

By Arianna Joob
April 18, 2021

Another District 158 Board of Education meeting started around 6 p.m. on Thursday. The board members sat down and awaited the start of the live-streamed...

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