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The Adam Project Takes a Spin on Time Travel

The Adam Project Takes a Spin on Time Travel

After accidentally crash-landing in 2022, time-traveling fighter pilot Adam Reed teams up with his 12-year-old self on a mission to save the future.
By Jacey Sola
March 16, 2022

Netflix Original, “The Adam Project,” released on Mar. 11,  is a sci-fi-adventure film about the interesting idea of time travel. It is a feel-good...

Huntley Library’s new teen hideout offers comfy and conventional seating.

It is not just about books, it is about community

Huntley Public Library fully opens its doors for the first time in 2 months
By Mackx Mize
February 8, 2022

For the last couple of months, when the people of Huntley have driven past their local library, their minds have been filled with questions of what the...

The Weeknd’s album ‘After Hours’  exceeds listenership

The Weeknd’s album ‘After Hours’ exceeds listenership

The Weeknd's newest release is climbing the charts on listening platforms.
By Brooke Hamann
January 12, 2022

Let’s state the obvious; there is something universally, perversely relatable about the Weeknd’s music when songs from his 2015 album appeared on the...

Raider Way Cafe employees working between class periods.

A New Beginning: The Raider Way Cafe

Introducing the Raider Way Cafe, an addition to Huntley High School that allows staff and students to enjoy food and drinks throughout the school day. Although there are noticeable flaws in the cafe, one cannot help but see the potential for the future.
By Matt O'Connell
November 15, 2021

Every morning, hundreds of Huntley High School students reluctantly roll out of bed, drained of energy, anticipating piles of work added to their schedules....

“The Addams Family 2” is the sequel to “The Addams Family” which was produced in 2019. (Courtesy of

“The Addams Family 2” is the better sequel to its predecessor

By Sara Gebka
October 2, 2021

It’s 9:35 p.m. on a Thursday when I entered the theater; it was quiet and empty, not a single seat around me was occupied. “The Addams Family 2”...

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Huntley Track Varsity Invite

By Owen Zimmerman, Staff writer
May 10, 2021

The Huntley Boys and Girls Track Teams both ran well against some of the best competition in the state Friday night, as the Boys placed 3rd with 85 points...

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You can do more on Earth Day than post a picture of yourself

By Maggie Kirwin, Staff writer
April 28, 2021

Since 1970, April 22 has been a national holiday dedicated to conserving and protecting our mother, Earth. In the more recent years, Earth Day has become...

Vanquish movie explores the price of love

“Vanquish” movie explores the price of love

By Trevor Book, Staff writer
April 25, 2021

“Vanquish” has a dark tone for the movie that is about crooked cops, money, and getting back a daughter. Morgan Freeman, who plays Damon, is a retired...

Netflix flys in with a unique superhero film

Netflix fly’s in with a unique superhero film

By Brooke Helle
April 18, 2021

We have all heard the same superhero story before. There is usually some sort of substance falling to Earth that mutates humans into villains and wreaks...

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BOE Meeting on April 15

By Arianna Joob
April 18, 2021

Another District 158 Board of Education meeting started around 6 p.m. on Thursday. The board members sat down and awaited the start of the live-streamed...

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