Netflix fly’s in with a unique superhero film

By Brooke Helle

We have all heard the same superhero story before. There is usually some sort of substance falling to Earth that mutates humans into villains and wreaks havoc everywhere. What is less heard of, however, is a ridiculous comical take on this cliche.

Netflix’s “Thunder Force” starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer is a superhero movie unlike anything seen before.

Humans, with the genetic variation of sociopaths, develop incredible powers due to an unknown falling substance from space. These villains referred to as Miscreants, constantly reign terror over the world and kill Emily Stanton’s, played by Octavia Spencer, parents.

Emily’s parents tried creating a formula for humans to develop powers and fight back against the Miscreants, but they died before achieving their life’s work. Emily knew she would do whatever it takes to finish what they started.

After losing contact for years, Emily’s childhood best friend accidentally injects herself with superhuman strength, becoming one half of the Thunder Force. Her best friend is Lydia Berman, who is played by Melissa McCarthy.

Although comedic at many moments, some genuine themes occurred throughout this movie that truly made me more emotional than I thought it would.

Not only was it hilarious and heartfelt, but this take on superpowers is truly refreshing and fun.

For example, one of the Miscreants is half lobster for no particular reason. He is not super powerful or smart, but he does provide us with some chucklesome relief due to his uncontrollable temper.

Even the supervillains are awkward and incredibly personable at times, which is something I really enjoyed about this film.

This movie is definitely not something to be taken seriously, but is a wonderful break from whatever may be going on in life. It isn’t a cinematic masterpiece either, but the special effects and montages are incredibly well done.

For what Thunder Force wanted to accomplish, I would say it succeeded in providing a unique and entertaining movie that is adequately produced.

With this being said, I think the audience is, perhaps, for an older age range.

Despite its dirty jokes, floss dancing, and references to Fortnite, the humor is not for everyone and is an acquired taste. However, I don’t think these references were to relate to younger people, but to make fun of it in the eyes of parents.

Despite a rating of 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Thunder Force” is a lighthearted and well-done comical adventure for anyone looking to escape the real world.