Raider Way Cafe struggles to meet demand

HHS new coffee shop operates throughout the school day with low levels of supplies


E. McCoy

The initial excitement of opening week dies down as the news of unavailable items spread

By Emma McCoy

As the students of Huntley High School roam the halls before the 7:30 a.m. bell, many start their day off at the Raider Way Cafe.

The build-up and anticipation of the coffee shop opening had all of the students at the high school talking. With the coffee shop only being open for a few weeks, there has been chatter within the student body about the students’ different opinions. 

“Honestly I feel like it was talked about so much and saying how great it was going to be for students, but they’re running out of things so quickly,” senior Evie Fletzer said. 

All though it is common for places selling things to run out of product or generally run low on supplies, the coffee bar has only been open a few weeks.

“I think that it is quite disappointing that they are already low on supplies because of how long we, the students, have waited for them to open, and how short of time that they have been open,” junior Jake Hansen said. 

Disappointment arose from the students of Huntley. Not being able to purchase the products they have been waiting to try since being told about the opening of HHS’s very own coffee shop. Lack of supplies in the last few weeks since the opening has made the students talk and influence their opinions. 

“Yesterday I went up there three times and they had no smoothies. The smoothie supply is low,” junior Logan Teppen said.

Supplies are not always running low but mostly as a school day continues many products are not made to be sold due to lack of supplies. It is far too early for the shop to be running out so quickly since they have not been open for a long period of time. Many say that the coffee shop opened too soon considering the outcomes of student reactions and not being able to try the products they have wanted to. 

“On the second day the shop opened, I asked for a strawberry banana smoothie; however, they told me that they only had strawberries. I was kind of disappointed because we waited months for them to be open and they were already low on supplies,” Hansen said. 

It has been heard by many students that certain drinks have not been available. Hopefully, after Thanksgiving break, the school can gather more supplies upon our arrival back.