The Voice

The Voice

The Voice

(D. Arellano) Belle reading her book.

HMS Beauty and the Beast Production, 10.14.22

By Diana Arellano
October 14, 2022

On Oct. 14, Heineman Middle School presented their public play to an endearing audience. The middle school students performed The Beauty and the Beast...

The Late Start Live sign continues to remain in the commons area, informing the students that it is starting back up soon. (A. Wiley)

The late arrival of Late Start Live

The students at HHS are still wondering when Late Start Live will return after COVID-19
By Angel Wiley
November 14, 2021

Much of the population is ecstatic for the new, accessible Raider Way Cafe but are unaware of the many repercussions it has had on aspects of the commons...

Arnold practicing her French horn (Courtesy of E. Arnold).

A dream to bestow music to the masses

By Emily Kindl
May 2, 2017

Being 9 years old with her whole life ahead of her, that is when it all began. She could grow up and decide to do anything. And in grade school, in music...

Senior Lauren Aceron practices singing before posting a video to her friends on Facebook (courtesy of L. Aceron)

Keeping Passions at Hand

By Ashley O'Brien
November 17, 2015

he anticipation of singing is what keeps Senior Lauren Aceron going everyday. Guitar in her hands, and her mic near by, Aceron has a passion for singing...

When it comes to singing, be obnoxious! Interview with singer, Jenna Boyd

When it comes to singing, be obnoxious! Interview with singer, Jenna Boyd

By Mawa Iqbal
October 27, 2015

Why did you join choir? "I've always been obnoxious and I'd always sing really loud, so I figured I should join choir in middle school. So I did. And...

A passion for music

A passion for music

By Holly Baldacci
October 17, 2012
Like most people, senior Shaquon Howard gets stage fright. He is nervous as he takes to the stage with Project Two, a Huntley High School singing group.

A life of singing

By Katherine Enciso
April 1, 2012
Andrew Rewerts started his music career at a young age and has had many notable experiences, such as singing at a choir at Carnegie Hall.
Bus collision on Route 23

Bus collision on Route 23

By Katherine Enciso
March 3, 2012

A District 158 school bus and an Illinois Department of Transportation snow plow were involved in a head-on collision at approximately 8:20 a.m. on...

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