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When it comes to singing, be obnoxious! Interview with singer, Jenna Boyd


Why did you join choir?

“I’ve always been obnoxious and I’d always sing really loud, so I figured I should join choir in middle school. So I did. And now I’ve been going with it.”

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

“My inspiration for singing is probably myself. But I can say Idina Menzel in “Wicked”. I was always like ‘dang, I want to sing like that’, even though I can’t really sing like that.”

Are you going to pursue a career with singing?

“I think I’m pretty passionate about, but I don’t know how far I’d get doing it as a career. But I’d definitely would like to try. Joining a collegiate choir is like the one thing I know I want to do in college.”

What songs do you enjoy singing in choir?

“I like those Latin pieces because it’s very holy-sounding. I don’t know it sounds really pretty to me.”

How has singing helped you get more involved?

“I’ve always like music and singing, but I think it’s definitely got me into more things. I started doing theater too because I like singing in musicals.”

What would you say to anyone who’s too shy to sing in front of people, but really wants to sing?

“To anyone who’s nervous about singing, I say ‘just screw it man and do what you want to do.’ Because I used to be a little shy and I feel like my singing wasn’t very good when I was shy. So in order to improve, you got to open up and take a risk and be obnoxious.”

Which part do you like singing the most?

“I like singing Soprano because I like singing higher. I’ve ┬átried whistle notes like Mariah Carey and I can hit them on occasion! I’m just not that strong in them yet.”

How supportive is your family with your singing endeavors?

“My older brothers yell at me when I’m being loud, because I walk around the house singing and they’re like ‘shut up Jenna!’. But my parents are definitely ‘oh you should keep doing this’. They come to my choir concerts and shows, but my brothers don’t because I annoy them. This music isn’t really their style either.”

Goals for the future?

“I would like to make a college choir and I’d like to keep doing musicals. ”


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