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The Voice

Smith standing in front of her office in the North Pod.

The famous social worker

Social worker Emily Smith shares her joy with others through her work.
By Gianna Monilaw
December 1, 2023

Social worker Emily Smith has grown some popularity throughout the school for her outstanding social skills and in-school engagement she has with students...

Goraj with her Fox Valley Conference Championship trophy.

G for green, G for golf, G for Goraj

Abby Goraj reflects on her passion for golf and her goals for the future.
By Natalie VonderHeide
November 29, 2021

As she stepped foot on the field of green grass, the world became silent. She took one swing and watched as the ball and all her nerves flew away.  After...

A passion that few others can match

A passion that few others can match

By Megan McCoy
November 2, 2021

Many people play sports and have hobbies they are passionate about, but soccer is not just a hobby, soccer is my life. Millions of people across the globe...

Arnold practicing her French horn (Courtesy of E. Arnold).

A dream to bestow music to the masses

By Emily Kindl
May 2, 2017

Being 9 years old with her whole life ahead of her, that is when it all began. She could grow up and decide to do anything. And in grade school, in music...

Mahoney dressed up for when she went to see Hamilton (courtesy of Kristina Mahoney).

A story thanks to history

By Emily Kindl
February 22, 2017

She smoothed down the creases on her purple straight jacket, the jacket that delicately complimented her purple pants. She stood confident in her boots...

Ty posing for his dance pictures.

Born to Dance

By Camille Paddock
February 12, 2015
In life, you are destined to follow a path that has been set. Most are only be destined to average, but some are destined to be extraordinary. But the question lies, can destiny be changed? For senior Ty Nowotnik, it has.
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