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Born to Dance

Ty posing for his dance pictures.

In life, you are destined to follow a path that has been set. Most are only be destined to average, but some are destined to be extraordinary. But the question lies, can destiny be changed?

For senior Ty Nowotnik, it has.

He started dancing at a young age. He danced until he despised it. Then, he stopped.

Since dance was “not for boys” he felt different among his classmates. He grew self conscious of how they were perceiving him.

But he realized dance was his way of self expression. His way to “cleanse” himself. His passion.

He let go of those who didn’t understand and began dancing for himself.

With passion flowing through his movements, he dances for a reason that is not common among dancers today; his true love for the sport.

His favorite style is contemporary, “the purest form of movement,” he said.

But his passion alone has not carried him to success. Hard work and dedication have played a big role in helping him achieving his dreams.

His success is measured in his many awards such as, Magic Performer from LA Dance Magic, Non-Stop Dancer at 24/7, All Star for Hall of Fame, 4 years in a row. The list goes on.

Nothing can stop him from accomplishing what he wants.

“No matter what you’re doing or what your passion is, never give up on what makes you shine,” he said. “The light in your heart and what makes you smile will carry you through life, and it will inspire you to find inspiration in others. You’ll never stop learning or growing as a human being and as an artist.”



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