A passion that few others can match

By Megan McCoy

Many people play sports and have hobbies they are passionate about, but soccer is not just a hobby, soccer is my life. Millions of people across the globe play the beautiful sport of fútbol, some people call it soccer 

I started playing soccer when I was about 6 years old and instantly fell in love with the game. I could tell right away that soccer was my sport. Throughout my development of soccer, my emotions for the sport remained constant but my passion for it changed as I became addicted to the sport. I can not live without it. Soccer is my friend, comfort place, and supporter. 

We were all set up on the field ready for the game. I closed my eyes for about a minute before the game started, but it felt like 10 years. I froze and thought about how my ultimate dream was to become a pro. I remember the hours of pain and suffering I put myself through to become the player I am today.

I  used to go for runs to become ready for the season, but that didn’t work.  I decided to work out every night before I went to bed by riding the bike in my movie room so I can prepare my body for the season.

I remember skipping hangouts with friends so that I could train for my high school season. The one thing that truly hit me was how much soccer was there for me growing up.

When times get tough in my household or just within myself I would want to go practice. I would go outside at my house and play soccer with my brother for hours on end

I wouldn’t be the player I am now if it wasn’t for my brother. He always pushed me to be the player I wanted to be and he knew I could be. At my old house, one of the goals would be our driveway and there were two trees on the other side of the road parallel with our driveway and we would play for hours.

Sometimes we would go up to five points, other times we would go to 20. He always won, all though it was never fair because he is 6 feet 3 inches and I’m 5’5 inches. He would invite me to play with his older friends to work on my foot power and to learn how to play with older guys.

Lately, I’ve been in a slump of not wanting to go to practice. I think I’m finally out of that and I’ve been killing it in soccer. I’m scoring more than 5-10 goals at practice. I have worked on my speed and I’m faster than half of my defense so I can help my teammates score. I fixed my shot on goal, and overall I’m a better player mentally and physically.