Loss of social distancing sparks too much PDA

Huntley students continue to express their discomfort to couples displaying affection at school.


Excessive PDA in the halls require action. (S. Webb)

By Samantha Webb

The loud bell rings and starts the transition to the first class of the day. Students rush around, meet up with their friends, and walk slowly through the hallway. But, they are riddled with a path of couples stopping in the middle of the hallway or scattered along the lockers. 

School starts at 7:25 a.m. and most students get to school even earlier. As couples start filtering in, the discussion of PDA becomes a topic of conversation among groups of friends. The looks and whispers start as people pass couples hugging each other. 

PDA is and has been a controversial topic in social media for years. Some for, some against, and some very split down the middle. It is a very individual opinion. But, for Huntley High School, many agree that it has gotten out of hand. 

“It depends for me. Holding hands is okay. Making out, no,” junior Madison Darby said. 

With the many places to sit, especially together at school, couples have free reign to be together. Most hang out in corners, booths, and some by the bathrooms. A lot of people notice some laying down or intertwined on the floor. 

The problem many have with this is the expectation that these kinds of actions should be done in private. Phrases like “get a room” or “time and place” come to mind. Displays of affection that make people visibly uneasy should not be done in public. 

As high school students, relationships are important and sometimes overtake other priorities. It creates pressure to show off a relationship. But, in reality, PDA just creates an uncomfortable tension that is hard to shake. Especially when teachers stand out in the hall and are forced to witness it. 

“There’s a time and place for everything and school is not one of them,” Vanguard teacher Erik Lachel said. 

The relationships people build in high school are important, but the rest of the school does not need to know them. A lot of people would not even suggest a kiss in the hall, in front of hundreds, and some think it is totally fine. Which is the problem. 

Supervisors, administrators, and cafe workers witness the constant PDA that plague the commons during lunch. Sometimes having to intervene when it gets too much. So, it has obviously gotten out of hand and those couples need to understand how incredibly awkward it makes lots of staff feel as well. 

“You do you but there’s a limit,” junior Andrew Rodriguez said.