Love is deaf, not blind

New episodes of “Love is Blind” were released, but the show fails to live up to its name by feeding off an audience’s love for drama.


(Courtesy of Netflix)

On the hit reality show “Love is Blind,” couples date and eventually get engaged before seeing their partner.

By Sandra Skiba

A second season of “Love is Blind” was introduced to Netflix on Feb. 11, and it is crazier than the last. The ultimate question: is love really blind? No. It is not, but it might be deaf considering all the arguing that is looked over.

The show is a concept where men and women are separated to ‘blindly’ go on dates with the opposite gender, where they literally can not see the other person. Throughout this experiment, couples fall in love and eventually propose without ever seeing each other. Then, they are engaged for 4 weeks until their wedding day.

In the second season, there are 15 possible couples that could get together, so there are 30 people in total. The cameras only really focus on six couples because those are the only ones that end up actually engaged.

This season is filled with drama and miscommunicating couples. Episodes will be released weekly but initially, only five have come out.

By the fourth episode, all of the engaged couples are on a paradise getaway in Mexico, now knowing what their significant other looks like. Some couples have the same attraction as before, but others do not.

The show does not do other couples or people in the show justice, they only focus on the drama surrounding the main couples and choose to ignore the others or give them very little amounts of screen time.

It would be nice to see what happens between the other couples and why they did not get engaged to gain a better understanding of whether love really is blind or if the successful couples just got lucky.

There are a handful of couples who are stuck between two people and end up picking those they are not compatible with, which just causes more drama and stir-ups.

Some couples get together with an amazing emotional connection but fail to meet a physical connection after seeing each other for the first time and because of that, everything else begins to go downhill.

Jealousy finds its place in every crack and crevice, there obviously is no foundation of trust or communication in any of these relationships. Every 10 minutes, there is an argument between a couple that started from jealousy or miscommunication.

The reason this show is so enjoyable is because of the drama, exaggerated effects, and once-in-a-while cute couple moments. It is definitely a guilty pleasure show, but it overall has toxic energy.