The sky is falling in new Netflix release, “Don’t Look Up”

Netflix’s new movie shows you what might happen in the case of a disaster from space


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“Don’t Look Up” features many big Hollywood names like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio.

By Zoe Hurmi

Quick! The sky is falling!

Recently a new Sci-Fi movie with Oscar winners Jennifer Laurence, Leonardo DiCaprio, and teenage heartthrob Timothée Chalamet has us all wondering what is happening up in the sky. 

“Don’t Look Up” is a story about two astronomers from Michigan State finding an extinction level-sized comet hurtling towards earth. Then they are trying to tell the world they are all going to die, but no one cares.

The beginning of the screenplay is very smooth and it really felt like the main characters, Kate Dibiasky, played by Jennifer Laurance, and Dr. Randall Mindy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, were just awkward and did not know how to handle the situation of a comet hurtling towards earth.

I find that the character Dr. Randall Mindy can be seen as a teddy bear, dad character. He is able to make the audience nervous or uncomfortable with just his pace of speech. Although he is a lovely character, he just feels very anxious and what you would expect for an astrology professor.

With Laurance’s character, Kate Dibiasky, she really just feels like someone who you would find challenging her professor on the right answer to a question. She is someone who you could find yelling at everyone in a grocery store because of life circumstances.

Within the first 30 minutes of the movie, you can tell that it is supposed to be a drama-comedy. 

They use good comedic timing with freeze frames that make you crack a smile. With the topic of the movie, comedy is needed so you do not feel completely upset and angry by the end of the movie.

 Halfway through the movie I was just bored and frustrated. At this point, the movie got to the point where you just wanted to yell at the characters for making unwise decisions. They had brought in characters that felt as if they had zero place in the story.

At a certain point in the movie, a main concern was how much more ridiculous the story could get. A few things kept my attention, which was the acting, since that was truly keeping my attention.

Throughout the entire movie staying awake was the main concern for me. I had thought that it would get better or at least more interesting, but it did not.

If the plotline had been more intriguing, it would have matched the spectacular cinematography and dialogue.