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Dont Look Up features many big Hollywood names like Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The sky is falling in new Netflix release, “Don’t Look Up”

Netflix's new movie shows you what might happen in the case of a disaster from space
By Zoe Hurmi
January 14, 2022

Quick! The sky is falling! Recently a new Sci-Fi movie with Oscar winners Jennifer Laurence, Leonardo DiCaprio, and teenage heartthrob Timothée Chalamet has...

And the award for Biggest Snubbee goes to...10 actors who deserve Oscars

And the award for Biggest Snubbee goes to…10 actors who deserve Oscars

By Randi Peterson
January 22, 2013

After the Golden Globes, some people have again cried out about how unfair it is that Leonardo DiCaprio has again gone home empty handed. Leo’s a great...

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