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Little Women dress rehearsals

Little Women dress rehearsals

By Maya Hiermann
March 18, 2024

On Monday, March 4, the understudy cast of the “Little Women” rehearsed for their show date using props, sets, costumes, mics, and lighting.

Emma Swiersz is hard at work during Tech Crew, making sure to fulfill her responsibilities.

Lights, props, sounds, oh my!

Junior Emma Swiersz spends hundreds of hours behind the scenes of Huntley’s most memorable shows.
By Abby Panier
February 6, 2023

When theater comes up in a conversation, usually bright images of fun costumes, talented actors, and booming soundtracks come to mind. But behind the scenes...

Is Godspell the right choice?

Is Godspell the right choice?

By Sarah Christenson
January 13, 2023

Seats are to be filled from April 20th to the 22nd with the intent to see the next high school musical. This next musical has been chosen by Mrs. Taxon,...

What Happened To... Episode 6 (Macaulay Culkin)

What Happened To… Episode 6 (Macaulay Culkin)

Discuss the rise and downfall of iconic child actor Macaulay Culkin with Chase!
By Chase Keller
November 2, 2022

What Happened To... Episode 5 (Lindsay Lohan)

What Happened To… Episode 5 (Lindsay Lohan)

Chase Keller kicks off his new season of "What Happened To..." with a deep dive into Lindsay Lohan's career.
By Chase Keller
September 30, 2022

Instead of seeing clips of Marilyn Monroe’s movies, movie scenes were recreated by Ana de Armas with the occasional vocals of Vanessa Lemonides.

Netflix’s “Blonde” portrays Marilyn Monroe in a mediocre way

Netflix's newest original movie proves to be unappealing to many audiences due to confusing details and stylistic elements.
By Prianca Waters
September 29, 2022

Her house is on fire, everything set aflame except for a beige wicker dresser. A black rotary phone is ringing in one of the drawers, the same phone that...

Addams Family Musical, 4.20.22

Addams Family Musical, 4.20.22

By Donovan Doyle
April 26, 2022

The Addams Family musical was a big and fun success. Bringing in some laughter and smiles and a whole lot of applause for everyone who was part of it....

Isa Kusiolek acting in a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream with her fellow actors. (Courtesy of Isa Kusiolek)

Junior finds passion in the spotlight, learns valuable lessons

Junior Isa Kusiolek flourishes in her lead role in "A Midsummer Night’s Dream"
By Zoe Emerson
November 27, 2021

It may seem daunting to some to perform in an auditorium packed with hundreds of people, but for junior Isa Kusiolek, theater is something that has always...

Interview with a performer: actress Emily Hill

By Mawa Iqbal
January 31, 2017