The Voice

Lights, camera, Kate!

Kate Urosevich performing as Rona Lisa Peretti in the Fr/Soph musical Putnam County Spelling Bee (Courtesy of K. Urosevich).

Mawa Iqbal

January 31, 2017

It’s her and the stage. The spotlight shines on her face highlighting every detail of her makeup while blinding her view of the audience. It felt hot. Really hot. All eyes were on her. But she was not nervous. She did not shrink away from the burning glow of fluorescent, but rather welcomed it. S...

And the award for Biggest Snubbee goes to…10 actors who deserve Oscars

And the award for Biggest Snubbee goes to...10 actors who deserve Oscars

Randi Peterson

January 22, 2013

After the Golden Globes, some people have again cried out about how unfair it is that Leonardo DiCaprio has again gone home empty handed. Leo’s a great actor, he does deserve an Oscar, and he will surely get it one day (hopefully sooner rather than later, because Leo gave blood in “Django Unchained,”...