Junior finds passion in the spotlight, learns valuable lessons

Junior Isa Kusiolek flourishes in her lead role in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


Isa Kusiolek acting in a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with her fellow actors. (Courtesy of Isa Kusiolek)

By Zoe Emerson

It may seem daunting to some to perform in an auditorium packed with hundreds of people, but for junior Isa Kusiolek, theater is something that has always come naturally. 

Kusiolek has been involved in theater ever since she was in 7th grade at Marlowe Middle School, and she has acted in multiple school productions. 

“What really inspired [my interest in acting] was my friends in theater,” Kusiolek said. “I went to see one of the shows, and it was so amazing how these people portrayed completely different roles and how they could be a completely different person. Acting as other people was something I was interested in.”

This year, Kusiolek scored one of the lead roles in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” a play originally written by William Shakespeare. This marks her first big role in any school production. 

“I was in shock,” Kusiolek said. “I [always] really wanted to have something bigger and do more.”

In addition to acting, Kusiolek also sings. According to Kusiolek, theater helped push her passion for singing due to her roles in school musicals. 

Not only does Kusiolek love theater for the opportunity to portray different characters, but she also cherishes the friendships that she has made along the way. 

“I think the best part [about theater] is the community. Everyone in theater is so loving and fun and very open-minded,” Kusiolek said. “It was definitely one of the reasons why I stuck with theater.” 

In addition to her passion for theater, Kusiolek is also involved in volunteer work and the National Honor Society. She states that she is a very studious person and enjoys helping out her community. 

“My dream career is [to be] a teacher,” Kusiolek said. “I hope whatever I choose to do is impacting other people’s lives in some way. I’m a people person, and I always want to be around others.”

No matter what Kusiolek chooses to do in her future, it is certain that she will shine bright wherever she goes.