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The Voice

The Voice

Emma Swiersz is hard at work during Tech Crew, making sure to fulfill her responsibilities.

Lights, props, sounds, oh my!

Junior Emma Swiersz spends hundreds of hours behind the scenes of Huntley’s most memorable shows.
By Abby Panier
February 6, 2023

When theater comes up in a conversation, usually bright images of fun costumes, talented actors, and booming soundtracks come to mind. But behind the scenes...

Is Godspell the right choice?

Is Godspell the right choice?

By Sarah Christenson
January 13, 2023

Seats are to be filled from April 20th to the 22nd with the intent to see the next high school musical. This next musical has been chosen by Mrs. Taxon,...

J. Thompson

Elgin Seussical the Musical Jr., 11.19.2022

By Jay Thompson
December 9, 2022

The Elgin Children's Theater performs "Seussical the Musical Jr." The show was filled with bright colors, amazing dances, and lots of laughter.

Heineman actors performed live on stage for their fall musical this year. (S. Reynolds)

Lights, camera, action!

Young Heineman actors perform their musical “Beauty and the Beast” in the PAC within the highschool
By Savanna Reynolds
October 20, 2022

A middle school student has practiced for a while now with their fellow cast members and their director for their musical with students of different grades...

Isa Kusiolek acting in a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream with her fellow actors. (Courtesy of Isa Kusiolek)

Junior finds passion in the spotlight, learns valuable lessons

Junior Isa Kusiolek flourishes in her lead role in "A Midsummer Night’s Dream"
By Zoe Emerson
November 27, 2021

It may seem daunting to some to perform in an auditorium packed with hundreds of people, but for junior Isa Kusiolek, theater is something that has always...

Senior Ian Calato helps fellow student set up his microphone (H. McQueen).

The Keys to the PAC

Ian Calato and his peers begin a larger leadership role in Tech Crew
By Hailee McQueen
October 19, 2021

On Sept. 21, at the Huntley Hootenanny event, senior Ian Calato and his friends found out that they were taking over Tech Crew since director Nathan Knapke...

Burkhalter goes out with a bang

Burkhalter goes out with a bang

By Nikki Darnall, Managing Editor
April 18, 2021

“I remember once I was meeting with a kid, who I have known for a very long time. She was on her screen and I was visiting, and then we went to leave...

Courtesy of DeFrancesco

Behind the curtain

By Ally Berens
October 27, 2020

Knowing that feeling of stepping off the stage as the curtain closes makes her feel right at home. Although Christine DeFrancesco was in almost every play...

Marissa Mikutis: Drama over doubt

Marissa Mikutis: Drama over doubt

By Sara Hursey
February 17, 2020

When the 2020 musical “Anything Goes” was announced last spring, sophomore Marissa Mikutis set her sights on one thing: the role of Hope Harcourt....

Huntley High hosts its annual performance of the One Act Play Festival

Huntley High hosts its annual performance of the One Act Play Festival

By Jimmie Soriano
February 3, 2020

Act I Lights… Camera… Action! AUDIENCE: Applause Act I Play II? More lights… More cameras… All right, action! AUDIENCE: Applause Act...

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