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Lights, camera, Kate!

Kate Urosevich performing as Rona Lisa Peretti in the Fr/Soph musical Putnam County Spelling Bee (Courtesy of K. Urosevich).

It’s her and the stage. The spotlight shines on her face highlighting every detail of her makeup while blinding her view of the audience. It felt hot. Really hot. All eyes were on her.

But she was not nervous. She did not shrink away from the burning glow of fluorescent, but rather welcomed it. She loved the spotlight. Truly loved it.

Sophomore Kate Urosevich is no stranger to theater performance. When she was only six years old, her parents signed her up for a theater workshop. Rather than taming their daughter’s bursting energy, they figured it would be best for her to learn how to embrace it.

“It was a small theater workshop that was recommended to them by a friend,” Urosevich said. “According to them, I had way too much energy as a kid!”

Her energy carried her all the way over to the high school realm of acting performance. As a member of HHS speech team, Urosevich competes in Dramatic Duet Acting with partner, senior Emily Hills, and Dramatic Interpretation. She is also an active participant in school productions, whether they be plays or musicals.

“I love both plays and musicals,” Urosevich said. “ they both have their unique qualities to them, including their own ups and downs.”

Whether it be in musicals or plays, Urosevich is particularly inclined to more dramatic roles, assuming the role of characters with depth and dimension to them.

“I love dynamic characters,” Urosevich said. “ It is so exhilarating to portray a character’s change through their life experiences.”

But what is acting without a reaction from the audience? One of the things she enjoys the most about being on stage under that spotlight is giving the audience a break from their daily lives, transforming into their tour guide and taking each audience member on a tour into the world of the production.

“I feel like I’m giving the audience a break from their hectic world. A stop in time almost,” Urosevich said. “I get such joy out of making people laugh and cry.”

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