“Emma.” a great romantic movie for all


courtesy of focusfeatures.com

By Molly Baker

Joyful, fun, and laughable are all words to describe the movie.  Based on Jane Austen’s 1815 novel, this new take gives the audience an interesting view of her story. “Emma.” was set in the early 1800s, which gave the movie a different feel than others out today. Directed by Autumn de Wilde, “Emma.” does a great job of portraying the late time period. 

Emma Woodhouse, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, is a young girl who is very wealthy in England. She is known throughout the town and befriends many different people. The townspeople looked to her as a matchmaker, as it was her mission for her friend Harriet Smith, played by Mia Goth, to get married. 

Since the movie was set in the early 1800s, for me the customs were the best thing to watch. They were very vibrant and it mimicked old England perfectly. Every character looked different based on the wealth they had. Seeing all different looks made the characters seem more real. 

The movie involves many wealthy families in Old England. Throughout the story, Emma attracts many men, who would like to marry, but she is persistent to stick to her values. Little does she know that her true love is close to her. 

Emma herself starts to fall for a man who goes by the name Frank Churchhill, played by Callum Turner. He is a wealthy man and talks about courting Emma. That soon changes when the town finds out that Frank is secretly engaged to someone in the working class. Confused, Emma decides to focus on taking care of her father, caring for her friend Harriet, and picks fights with her neighbor George Knightly, played by Johnny Flynn. 

The movie was very interesting, because of all the complex characters. Even with the many characters I never got confused. 

George and Emma, continue to grow closer with each other and start to fall for each other. After months of constant tension and romance, Geroge works up the courage to ask Emma to marry him. Emma at first declines his offer because she does not want to leave her best friend Harriet alone. Harriet takes matters into her own hands and decides to find herself, someone, to marry. 

Harriet decided to marry a farmer and that allows Emma to make her decision about her relationship with George. 

It was a very interesting movie, and you could see the character development of Emma throughout the movie. 

I would recommend this romantic movie for all. It was great to watch and it kept me interested. The different time periods set the movie apart and I would recommend it for all.