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Students attempt to make their decision as the school year continues. CC0 1.0 DEED CC0 1.0 Universal

Class-ic Courses or Advanced Placement

Students are stressed as they wonder whether or not Honors and AP classes are worth it
By Jadyn Sola
November 13, 2023

With course selection for the next school year approaching, many students are debating whether or not they should take advanced or normal classes. Both...

Student sits, contemplating his courses.

Course selection is nothing to fear

Course selection is set early in the year and students are unsure if it is overwhelming or helpful
By Jack Lansu
November 6, 2023

Course selection is one of the most important parts of every school year. The courses chosen have to coincide with goals outside of high school and provide...

Students are instructed to meet with their counselor this year before deciding next years schedule.

Talk to your counselor

Counselors are now recommended to help plan next year’s schedule
By Jasmine Sandhu
December 8, 2022

It is that time of year again. Snowflakes glistening, warm socks, chilly weather, and of course; talking about next year’s schedule for the 2023-24 school...

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