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Sophia Coronado, Floating Editor

Sophia Coronado is a floating editor this year and it's her third year on staff. In her free time, Sophia likes to cry to Taylor Swift, read, hang out with her cats Sushi and Lola and water her plants. She is a Capricorn, daughter, sister, and swiftie.


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The door to the room where students check out when called out.

Huntley High School’s admin push out stricter attendance

Admins take on why attendance guidelines and IDs are constantly pushed out.
January 28, 2023

As the year begins to dwindle to an end, students tend to miss more school, wear their IDs less, and want more blended privileges. However, Huntley High...

Pias Penpals & Plants: Episode 3

Pia’s Penpals & Plants: Episode 3

Join Sophia as she shows off some of her new plants, and write her penpal a letter.
January 20, 2023

CTE Performs “Seussical the Musical”

CTE Performs “Seussical the Musical”

The Children’s Theatre of Elgin performs “Seussical the Musical” for a weekend.
November 27, 2022

As the theater’s bright spotlights shine on a young girl in a yellow dress standing in the middle of the stage, familiar upbeat music begins and she...

Pias Penpals and Plants: Episode 2

Pia’s Penpals and Plants: Episode 2

Join Sophia as she shows off a few of her plants, and shows us how she makes a wax seal.
November 7, 2022

Elgin Community College holds College Night

Elgin Community College holds College Night

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, ECC holds more than 150 colleges and universities for students to explore
October 13, 2022

As the sun begins to set, Elgin Community College’s parking lot fills and its event center sits lined with rows of tables that stretch across the building....

A surgical mask that some students choose to wear to school

Unmasking politics

Controversial environment since masks have become optional
March 20, 2022

Ever since masks have become optional after the down-state Illinois judge declared the mask mandate over, it seems like there’s been a weird environment...

Snow Raiders Committee

What it takes to lead in the snow

Brandon Boroski: Snow Raiders Planning Committee
January 28, 2022

Huntley High School’s Snow Raiders club gives its 180 members the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard. The group plans group trips, helps at events,...

PSLC is a program at Huntley High School.

Principal’s Student Leadership Council uses student voice to address issues

PSLC allows students to have a say in issues usually only expressed by administration
November 15, 2021

Back in September, all Huntley High School students were sent an application form for the Principal’s Student Leadership Council, which is a group of...

Sophias second cup

Sophia’s second cup

October 11, 2021