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The door to the room where students check out when called out.

Huntley High School’s admin push out stricter attendance

Admins take on why attendance guidelines and IDs are constantly pushed out.
By Sophia Coronado
January 28, 2023

As the year begins to dwindle to an end, students tend to miss more school, wear their IDs less, and want more blended privileges. However, Huntley High...

The attendance office located by door one is where the secretaries figure out teacher and student absences.

Reality of the attendance line

Hundreds of attendance calls lead to overflow.
By Arianna Joob
January 13, 2022

On a cold, winter day you rush to door one, fling the first door open, and scramble to get inside. The corridor hits you with a wave of hot, dry air. You...

The tardy pass that the attendance office has recently started enforcing (S. Webb)

The new tardy system at HHS

Disrespectful students cause stricter enforcement within the building
By Samantha Webb
October 19, 2021

The attendance office at HHS has now started administering the printing of new tardy passes. To gain access into class, students have to report to the...

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