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  • September 18No football game this Friday, but Huntley does have a game on Saturday! The theme is PJ's.

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The door to the room where students check out when called out.

Huntley High School’s admin push out stricter attendance

Admins take on why attendance guidelines and IDs are constantly pushed out.
By Sophia Coronado
January 28, 2023

As the year begins to dwindle to an end, students tend to miss more school, wear their IDs less, and want more blended privileges. However, Huntley High...

Bathroom stall door being held closed shut with a foot propped up while ignoring the cracks between the door.

The bathroom locks are not working: Is it a serious issue?

Lack of bathroom stall doors locking is causing students to become uncomfortable.
By Sienna Robertson
November 16, 2022

Imagine a passing period between classes with busy hallways, and students scrunched into a line to await to use the bathroom. When you finally get to the...

With slow refresh rates and confusing organization, people are struggling to learn how to use the new program.

Schoology is just new to everyone

A new learning management system helps teachers send out assignments and connect with students.
By Maya Gawlak
November 11, 2022

The luminescent light hanging above your head shines blindingly as you open up your Chromebook to begin your assignments. You click on Schoology and immediately...

Huntley High School before the day starts.

Restrictions on the West Wing: Are they Necessary?

Since Covid-19 regulations have started, there have been limitations throughout the school.
By Nicolette Radzinski
November 11, 2022

Within Huntley High School there are places where students can not go and places where students have designated seating areas. The commons and library...

Students seem to have a hard time connecting to the schools WiFi.

A smooth “STUDENT” WiFi needs everyone’s help

Why the WiFi is not as good as it could be
By Anushka Pandya
October 15, 2022

Everyone knows of the “STUDENT” WiFi. It has been around for a while, almost developing a legacy in the tech department. There are three network technicians...


We need more asynchronous learning

By Ruhi Gulati
October 22, 2020

Every single day is the exact same. You wake up, log onto Zoom, and spend the next seven hours staring at a computer screen. Then, you spend the rest of...

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