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Join Donovan as he talks about wrestling!

Hello and welcome back to Wrestling with DMD, and boy do we have a lot to talk about, with Wrestlemania just around the corner, we will be seeing greatness. Let me tell you why.

So with Wrestlemania, we will be having one of the biggest matches of all time:The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes and Seth Freaking Rollins versus Roman Reigns and The Rock. This is one of the biggest matches of all time, especially for the 40th anniversary of Wrestlemania.

How did it happen and how did we get here? It all started after Cody Rhodes won the Royal Rumble for the second time. Most people would think that Cody would challenge Roman again and, this time, finish his story. Instead, the WWE almost made one of the biggest mistakes: they had The Rock come out and tell us that the royal rumble winner does not matter, and The Rock just gets his match.

People were enraged, starting the chant #WeWantCody and telling WWE they did not want The Rock in the main event, but they wanted Cody. So, WWE heard them and at a Wrestlemania conference they made one of the best decisions ever: they gave Cody his match and a slap in the face by The Rock.

Now you can see that the Rock and Roman both did not like this, so they decided that they were going to stop Cody at all costs from getting to Wresltemania, leading to Cody challenge them to a match at Wrestlemania night one.

How is Seth Rollins a part of this? Well, he wants to help Cody. Both had a bumpy history, but they both do respect each other and would rather not see Rock or Roman win. They joined forces to faced Roman and Rock in a tag team match to make sure the bloodline can not get involved in Cody’s match against Roman at night two.

Now in my opinion, I love this. It just feels so great to be a wrestling fan right now, and with big matches like this and Drew Mcintyre vs Seth Rollins as well, most people are loving wrestling now. The YouTube channel CVS is talking to many wrestlers about how wrestling is being even more enjoyable right now.

Now, I am not saying there has not been some ups and downs with wrestling, escapilly with some of their choices like not giving Chad his match against Gunther at Wrestlemania for the intercontinental title, or making some of their wrestlers jobbers.

Otherwise WWE has been very good right now, and many people have been enjoying what has been happening, including me, I will be happy to see how this goes. This has been another wrestling review by Donovan Doyle, and I hope to see you again. Until next time.

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