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Haiku is way too overused

Haiku is way too overused

Tamara Funke

November 16, 2012

To the students of Huntley High School, haiku is more than a Japanese poem with 17 syllables and three lines.  Haiku is something that interferes with their everyday lives.        Within my hours upon hours of homework one night, I began to notice a trend.  I logged on to my Haiku LMS account...

Student teacher Amanda Palarz learns as she teaches her students

Franca Onyibor

March 25, 2012

Fifth hour, what is meant to be her study hall and time to get her workload in check, Amanda Palarz instead volunteers to help students prepare for the cellular respiration test they must take today. What her students may not know is Palarz is actually learning more from them. It has been several months since Amanda Palarz began working at ...