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Anushka Pandya

Anushka Pandya, Floating Editor

Anushka Pandya is a Floating Editor for the Voice and this is her first year on staff. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends, sketch, and play video games. She loves learning about history and teaching others about it.

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Actress Allison Williams plays Cadys aunt Gemma in new M3gan movie.

“M3gan” will make you rethink technology

Gerard Johnstone’s new “M3gan” explores the dark side of artificial intelligence.
By Anushka Pandya
January 8, 2023

The silent night is disrupted by a woman calling for her dog. She walks around the neighborhood calling out with no answer. She wanders toward her neighbor’s...

Lost in History

Lost in History

Anushka talks about a history that is linked to the "Black Panther" movie.
By Anushka Pandya
November 2, 2022

Everyone knows about Black Panther, the movie. The movie, inspired by the original Marvel superhero comics, was made to show more Black Americans in comics...

One of the many things taking place at the RAD event.

HHS shines bright with RAD event this month

RAD shines the light on people who have persevered and celebrated themselves and their abilities!
By Anushka Pandya
October 30, 2022

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, Huntley High School’s RAD held their “Keep Shining - The World Needs Your Light” in celebrating abilities and inclusivity. The...

Students seem to have a hard time connecting to the schools WiFi.

A smooth “STUDENT” WiFi needs everyone’s help

Why the WiFi is not as good as it could be
By Anushka Pandya
October 15, 2022

Everyone knows of the “STUDENT” WiFi. It has been around for a while, almost developing a legacy in the tech department. There are three network technicians...

Lost in History: Blog 1

Lost in History: Blog 1

Join Anushka as she explains one interesting fact from American history.
By Anushka Pandya
October 12, 2022

Everyone knows about the CIA. Usually, they collect and analyze foreign intelligence and inform the president about it so they can execute decisions. But...

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