“M3gan” will make you rethink technology

Gerard Johnstone’s new “M3gan” explores the dark side of artificial intelligence.


Wikimedia Commons

Actress Allison Williams plays Cady’s aunt Gemma in new “M3gan” movie.

By Anushka Pandya

The silent night is disrupted by a woman calling for her dog. She walks around the neighborhood calling out with no answer. She wanders toward her neighbor’s house, suspecting they took her dog away after numerous complaints.
The sound of a whimpering dog grows louder and louder. She slowly makes her way to their backyard, and into a shed.
The sound is coming from a dark corner, growing more and more mechanical, until it finally stops. She calls out her dog’s name one more time before the sounds of machinery reveal a doll.
Megan steps out of the darkness and murders her.
Produced by Blumhouse Productions, “M3gan” is newly released in 2023, and stars Violet McGraw (“Black Widow”) as Cady, who copes with the death of her parents using her newfound friend, Megan.
Megan is an AI Robot made by Cady’s aunt, Gemma, starring Allison Williams, in charge of helping Cady grow up and keep her safe. Instead of doing that, she turns into a controlling maniac who kills anyone she deems a threat to Cady.
Although the trailer left a lot of people skeptical of how the movie would turn out, many of those thoughts were washed away after the release of the film.
With an enticing story leaving audiences on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next. Although the ending was not as climactic as the rest of the movie, it still makes for a great watch.
The goal of the team making M3gan was to make something entertaining and scary, while still sending a message. In this case, they showed how technology could consume our lives. People surround themselves so much with the development of technology and that could end up taking over.
With the film being a huge success across social media, a second movie has already started production.