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Through the school or privately

Which one is better when taking Drivers Education?
Mia Ascencio

To graduate here, every student at Huntley High School must take Drivers Education at some point. With that, there are two options when it comes to taking these classes; you could either take it privately or through the school.

It is often debated by parents and students on which one is better to take. When it comes to both of these classes, there are many advantages and disadvantages, including the cost. When it comes to Drivers Education private classes are usually pricier than the ones through the school, this is mostly because you’re paying a whole other place that doesn’t usually have you as a student. Since students are already a part of the school it’s usually cheaper to take the classes through it.

This causes people to steer clear of private Drivers Education because it can be an issue for families who are unable to afford things like that normally. But the advantages of taking it privately might just outweigh the cost people have to pay.

“The best thing about private Drivers Education is it makes my schedule really flexible and also getting to know new people,” sophomore Nabjot Khaira said.

With her point of view, it is easy to be swayed and of course, when taking the classes privately people have to take into consideration that they will have to give up some of their free time to go and take the class. Although it may seem worth it, it can be a hindrance for individuals who do not have enough time in their day.

“What I like about being able to do Drivers Ed. through the school is how accessible it is” sophomore Siobhan Walker said.

Even with all of that what seems to be the trend with students taking Drivers ed privately is how quickly things can go.

“I think Drivers Ed through the school isn’t the worst thing, but at the same time taking it privately will get you your permit faster,” Nicole Wronka said. Overall, what seems to be better is taking it privately, especially if the student wants to get their permit in a more timely and flexible manner.


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