Cute ways to spend Valentine’s day at home

By Sophia Coronado, Staff Writer

As our short break begins, only a couple of days remain before Valentine’s Day. It is typically a time for giving flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears to your loved ones but has turned complicated with the pandemic. Despite these challenges, there are still ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day at home this year.

One fun thing you could try is baking. From heart-shaped cookies to pink cupcakes or even a heart-shaped pizza, there are tons of cute Valentine’s Day treat recipes to choose from. Pinterest is a great platform to find cute ideas on.

Taking the foot of snow outside into consideration, another Valentine’s idea is to go sledding with your friends! If you are sick of the cupids and hearts, this is a great idea that can free you from the typical Valentine’s Day image. 

Furthering the idea of spending time with your friends on Valentine’s Day, you can have a Galentine’s Day. The options for this idea are endless; you can create gift boxes for your friends, host a virtual game or movie night, or most importantly, tell your friends you love them. 

It is just common knowledge at this point that you are supposed to receive chocolates, flowers, or teddy bears on Valentine’s Day. This being said, another idea would be to treat yourself with one of these to be your own Valentine. If you walk through Valentine’s aisles at Walgreens or Target you are bound to find something for yourself.

Another great Valentine’s activity would be making Valentine cards. Not only is it relaxing to make them, but they can put a smile on someone’s face. Be sure to include glitter, heart stickers, and everything else your heart desires. Whether you make these for senior citizens, family members, or your friends, your cards will be very appreciated.

It is extremely necessary to spend your Valentine’s Day watching at least one romantic comedy. Watching your favorite chick flick is a great activity and is a must if you are a hopeless romantic, like me. A few films I recommend include “Shakespeare in Love,” “Lost in Translation,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” or “Pretty Woman”. 

If you are looking for another way to be your own Valentine this weekend, you can spend the holiday practicing self-care. Take the day to make yourself your priority, and do whatever makes you happy. Whether you take care of your skin, watch your favorite movie, talk to your friends, or even just make sure you drink water all day, you are making sure you are taken care of.

As my last and most important recommendation, I suggest you watch season 5, episode 18 of “The Office” because it is a beautifully crafted episode that perfectly captures the spirit of Valentine’s Day.