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Students in the HUB are actively working on assignments and homework for various classes.

A study place, not a skip haven

Huntley’s library has cracked down on new rules to help the study environment for students.
By Katelyn Engling
April 22, 2024

It was an average Monday during fourth hour. As I walked towards the HUB, I was quickly stopped by a long line stretching the majority of one of the main...

AP Classroom and prep books, such ones from as The Princeton Review, are useful tools for studying for an AP Exam.

Another day, another AP exam

With AP tests coming up, students need to figure out how to manage their stress while finding effective studying methods.
By Irene Banerjee
April 20, 2023

When thinking about the final days of school, many think of the same few upcoming events: SAT testing, Prom, activities for the Senior Class, finals, and...

Students need to find good studying tactics in order to learn new or old material.

Learning to study

As students get further into second semester, it is necessary to know how to study for the tests to come
By Karolina Perkowski
February 2, 2023

Only a month into the second semester of school, students may be slowly losing their motivation with doing their classwork. Tests may be taking place and...

HHS offers many places for different types of students to work.

How to get work done

The best spots to study in HHS
By Molly Balmes
April 25, 2022

The bell rings as you find yourself still standing in the hallway, wandering aimlessly to find a good place to study. With options becoming limited at...

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