The scanner emergency

A scanner at door four is needed to avoid harsh weather and traffic.


Karolina Perkowski

Student scans ID at door one

With all students present at school, junior and seniors are given the privilege to leave school during the day.  Scanner is

The weather conditions are worsening with the temperature going down. While students are arriving at school, they want to get into the building quickly to avoid the harsh conditions. 

“In the winter, when I leave throughout the day, I would want to leave the building closer to my car,” junior Leah Hiller said.

As February is approaching, weather conditions are getting colder and unbearable. Students want to get into the building as fast as they can to not deal with the cold.

“The cold and windy weather are not pleasant with the long walks into the building,” junior Ella Boeke said.

Kids rushing into the building as the first bell is about to ring, the “students are pushing each other trying to scan their id’s,” Boeke said. 

Students coming back into the building from their lunch periods is very hectic, junior and seniors have their lunch periods during 4th and 6th period, so that is when most of the kids are leaving. When coming back, the students quickly get into the building, hoping they aren’t late.

“After 4th hour ends, there’s a bunch of kids waiting in line to get scanned in… if there were another scanner at door 4 it would definitely cut in numbers with students getting to class late,” senior Sunni Kwon said.

An additional scanner can really help the students, and as well as campus supervisors getting everyone to the classrooms they are headed to on time. 

In previous years, both door 1 and door 10 were open to the students to leave during the day, but now we are down to only door 1.

“There are so many students trying to get to classes and it’s a big hassle, having to walk all the way to door 1 even though you are parked near the field house or door 4,” Kwon said.

Opening up a second door would be very beneficial for students to get back into the building faster rather than walking around the school trying to get in.

“Coming back from periods there are a lot of students coming back each time and I think it would be very beneficial to have two doors open like they did before,” Kwon said.

Hopefully by the end of the school year, Huntley High School will open up a second door for students to enter and exit during the school day.