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Senior year in a different country

Ludovica De Luca leaves Italy to experience high school in Huntley
L. Engelhardt
Lily Engelhardt and Ludovica De Luca at Homecoming.

Starting senior year is hard enough, but starting it in a different country can be even harder. Making friends, learning a new language and taking new classes can be hard, but for Ludovica De Luca, she is enjoying every second of it.
De Luca is a foreign exchange student from Pescara, Italy. She is in Huntley from August until the end of the school year in June.
“I chose to become a foreign exchange student because I like the American culture and I wanted to try something new,” De Luca said. “It is very different from Italy, and I really like it here.”
Since coming to the states, De Luca has experienced so many things, and she cannot wait for more.
“I have enjoyed going to the football games, visiting the city of Chicago, and staying in New York for a couple of days when first getting here,” De Luca said.
While being in Huntley, De Luca has met many new friends and even fellow foreign exchange students. As a matter of fact, she is living with a fellow exchange student, Nicole Chagas Rodas, who is from Brazil.
“Coming to a different country alone was difficult, but [also] an amazing experience because I get to experience a new school, new people, and a new culture,” Rodas said. “Not having to do this alone has also been a huge relief.”
Being in a new country and new school can be so different from what you are used to, but De Luca has been so grateful to have made friends that have been a support system for her.
“Ludovica came up to me at lunch and sat down, and I instantly knew that we were going to be friends,” senior Lily Engelhardt said.
De Luca also spoke a lot about how school in Italy is much different than here at Huntley and how we do things differently.
“In Italy, the subjects are different. We stay in one classroom rather than moving around. There are five years of high school instead of four. There are no sports within the school; everything is outside of school. There are no football games, pep rallies, cheerleaders, or Homecoming dances,” De Luca said. “The experience is very different and was hard to understand, but it has been so much fun.”
De Luca has the rest of the year ahead of her, and has more things she looks forward to doing before she leaves in June.
“I look forward to meeting more friends, going to more football games, and exploring everything there is in Illinois,” De Luca said.

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