Betting on Success

Senior Dino Kossivas trades stock, keeps track on his earnings, and uses his knowledge to his advantage.

Betting on Success

By Matt O

Dozens of graphs go up and down, numbers and prices changing every second. To some, this may seem like a lot to manage, but for Dino Kossivas, this is just another day. Stock trading is a skill that can be attained by anyone, but from the outside, it seems too complicated to comprehend. Every day at 9:00 a.m., the New York Stock Exchange fires up. At the same time, senior Dino Kossivas is opening is phone or checking his computer.

“For me, keeping track of all of my purchases and the trends of my stocks is the most important thing for me,” said Kossivas.

Order is a very key point of stock trading, one thing out of place can cost thousands of dollars. In order to keep everything on track, many use portfolios, notes, and books. Kossivas is no different, keeping an updated inventory of his stock prices and amount of shares.

“My phone is usually my go-to spot for checking my shares and their prices, just because I always have it on me.”

Social media has opened the door of the market for many young adults, providing a place where people can share thier finds, projections, and earnings. Twitter and Reddit are two websites are used the most, millions of users gather daily to assess the market.

“Twitter is my best friend, there have been more times than I can count where it has saved me from a crash or a deep fall,” Kossivas said.

His drive to trade was set two years ago, when AMC and GameStop stocks began to take flight. Because of the phenomenal growth that so many saw through the two stocks, Kossivas decided to look in to it.

“Dino mentioned stocks a few times, but I never thought anything of it. It wasn’t until he started sending me articles and videos that I knew he was serious,” his brother Peter Kossivas said.

“After AMC took off, I hopped on the train and haven’t stopped riding the stock. There have been a lot of peaks and vallies, however I have faith that I will be able to see the true success of the company in the near future,” Kossivas said.

His Dad, Jim Kossivas, allowed Dino to manage his own portfolio after seeing just how much he enjoyed the process. After seeing what he could do, he opened Dino his own portfolio and saw over the moves he made.

“Once I saw that Dino knows the reality of the game and how to play it, I knew he would be okay. He has worked for years to put money in the market, so who am I to stop him,” Jim Kossivas said.

The obsession of the market has left Kossivas wanting to expand his horizons to other aspects of finance and investing. He continues to use his knowledge to his advantage, raking in thousands of dollars throughout his journey.

“The market has taught me a lot about not only finance, but discipline and hard work. Working to put my own money in has allowed me to appreciate my earnings even more,” Kossivas said.