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Leading by example

Leading by example

Senior Seth Kardys takes pride in being a freshman gym leader.
By Brooke Hamann
March 25, 2022

His contagious laugh lingers through the locker room.  Reaching over, he grabs his black t-shirt, his so-called gym uniform. Looking at him from the front,...

Senior Breanna Westberg takes a defensive stance in one of her martial arts classes. There, she learned how to protect and prevent herself from getting into danger.

Students should have opportunity to learn self-defense

As students prepare to lead their independent lives, learning how to properly protect themselves and manage dangerous situations is imperative.
By Lauren Courtney
February 14, 2022

Cases of homicide, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking among young adults is anything but unheard of. Yet, as high school students prepare...

Many students at HHS have been the victim of locker room thievery, but have to prioritize what belongings can fit in their gym locker.

Locker room thievery: is there need for concern?

Unlocked belongings and limited locker space result in rise of student theft.
By Ava Peters
February 11, 2022

The bell rings, and you are off to gym class. You quickly get dressed in your uniform and leave your belongings behind in your backpack, not locked up....

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