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Ava Peters

Ava Peters, Staff Writer

Ava Peters is a first-year staff writer on the Voice. In her free time, Ava likes to read, bake and listen to music. She also loves anything relating to "American Horror Story" or "The Office."

Myers-Briggs personality test: INFJ-T

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Students leave their trash on the tables after lunch.

Cafeteria messes: a problem yet to be solved

The cafeteria is filled with people’s garbage, and is rarely picked up
By Ava Peters
April 18, 2022

Every day, students walk into the cafeteria and are immediately immersed in a whole new atmosphere. The noise is deafening, drowning out people’s conversations,...

Many students at HHS have been the victim of locker room thievery, but have to prioritize what belongings can fit in their gym locker.

Locker room thievery: is there need for concern?

Unlocked belongings and limited locker space result in rise of student theft.
By Ava Peters
February 11, 2022

The bell rings, and you are off to gym class. You quickly get dressed in your uniform and leave your belongings behind in your backpack, not locked up....

A variety of products are sold at the Huntley Farmers Market, like homemade jams, pies, and other baked goods. (A. Peters)

Huntley Farmers Market supports local businesses

Wide variety of products sold at Legion Hall benefits small business owners
By Ava Peters
November 14, 2021

On a crisp, chilly Saturday morning, vendors eagerly begin setting up their booths in preparation for the Huntley Farmers Market. The indoor market, run...

Students scan the QR codes taped to every lunch table, which is linked to a google form for contact tracing. (A.Peters)

QR codes on lunch tables do not help contact tracing

By Ava Peters
October 4, 2021

The bell rings, dismissing students to go to their sixth hour lunch period. The hallways become crammed, and everyone’s conversations drown each other...

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