Huntley Farmers Market supports local businesses

Wide variety of products sold at Legion Hall benefits small business owners


A variety of products are sold at the Huntley Farmers Market, like homemade jams, pies, and other baked goods. (A. Peters)

By Ava Peters

On a crisp, chilly Saturday morning, vendors eagerly begin setting up their booths in preparation for the Huntley Farmers Market. The indoor market, run by Barbara Read, is held on the second Saturday of each month and goes from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. It takes place in the Legion Hall on 11712 Coral St. 

On the outside, the Legion Hall looks like any other building, but the inside holds a plethora of possibilities. Inside the hall holds lines of booths all selling different things: homemade soap and beauty products, dog toys, winter hats and scarves, jams, honey, and organic fruits and vegetables. 

Marcy, the owner of Trogg’s Hollow, sells homemade food and homegrown vegetables and has been selling goods at the farmers market for over 10 years. She originally started selling things at farmers markets in Elgin and Rockford, but now only sells products at the Huntley Farmers Market. 

“Wayne and I, the man that sells honey, we’re the two people that have been here the longest, and it’s like we all take care of each other. It’s such a good group of people,” Marcy said. “Also, the community support, we have so many people who come to this market regularly, it’s totally worth it for us.” 

Wayne, who runs Wayne Fruits and Vegetables, has been selling goods at the Huntley Farmers Market for 12 years since it started. He sells a variety of fresh jams, honey, and pies. He grew up and graduated school in Huntley, and is a member of the American Legion.

 “You’re seeing more vendors, and more people looking for a different way to eat, with fresh fruits and the home-grown stuff. I grew up in Huntley, and when we were farmers outside of town, you grew your own stuff,” Wayne said. “As time went on, it went the other way because it was so much easier to go to the grocery store, but now it’s kind of falling back to what it was before. Eating healthier, and watching what they do, [people] kind of starting to care more about themselves.” 

A customer named Gina said she likes going to the Farmers Market to support small, independent businesses, and she likes looking at the different kinds of honey and soaps. Another vendor, Anika Jones, runs Head to Toe Blessing, a natural hair and skin care shop. It is her first year selling her products at the Huntley Farmers Market. 

“I come here every month. This is my first year doing an indoor market. I did Elgin in the summer, and I sell [products] online. I go here during the winter months,” Jones said. 

The Huntley Farmers Market is the perfect place for a conscious consumer during the holiday season or year-round.