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Dear Future Music Reviewer

Dear Future Music Reviewer

April 27, 2018

Dear Huntley’s next music connoisseur, As a three-year reviewer for The Voice, and since my time is coming to an end, I figured I would leave this...

The Weeknd delivers disappointing album

The Weeknd delivers disappointing album

April 13, 2018

Redundancy sells. From one car to the next, the radio is constantly ruining quality musicians to fit the cookie-cutter standards of overproduced synthesizer...

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Logic “brings it back” with “Bobby Tarantino II”

March 13, 2018

After two years of teasing on social media, Logic is back with another album, and it’s fire. Influenced by Quentin Tarantino's films, it’s the sequel...

Keys n Krates keep strong with new album

Keys n Krates keep strong with new album

February 26, 2018

Hi, my name is Sarah Biernat, and parties cause me great anxiety. A group any bigger than half a dozen people makes me want to crawl in a hole, so the...

Trip and fall for Keys N Krates Cura

“Trip” and fall for Keys N Krates’ “Cura”

February 15, 2018

Hi, my name is Sarah Biernat, and parties cause me great anxiety. A group any bigger than half a dozen people makes me want to crawl in a hole, so the...

The Chipotle off of Algonquin flocked with people on Tuesday night  in support of the Speech Team

Speech fundraiser brings in fiesta

January 31, 2018

As the winter cold front swept into Chipotle's foyer, hungry customers waited eagerly to get their hands on a burrito bowl, taco, or burrito. While this...

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Troye Sivan slays streamers with “My, My, My”

January 18, 2018

From YouTube star to EDM God, Aussie Troye Sivan has made a name for himself in Hollywood. The growth of his success since his debut EP “TRXYE” has...

Singles thatll Single-handily Change Pop Tunes

Singles that’ll Single-handily Change Pop Tunes

January 16, 2018

The creative visions of music have gone downhill. Record labels are the epitome of the industry’s major problems, and quite frankly, there doesn’t...

Punk: Digging deep than Green Day and Blink-182

Punk: Digging deep than Green Day and Blink-182

December 7, 2017

WARNING: This will probably offend a triggered conservative. I am not political, I just dig the music. Two years ago “London Calling” by The Clash...

Moran (right) practicing with her teammate, Saucedo (left).

Senior Alaina Moran dances through her last year in Orchesis

December 1, 2017

nxious freshman Alaina Moran stepped onto the floor to audition for her spot on Huntley's varsity Orchesis team. As self-doubt engulfed her, it was soon...

Records Worth Requesting

Records Worth Requesting

October 26, 2017

When I heard The Neighbourhood’s “I Love You.” back in eighth grade, I knew my life was changed. Two years later when I found an interest in record...

Huntley running close with the other teams.

Huntley boys cross country team looks to make history, qualify entire team for state

October 24, 2017

With fall sports coming to an end and winter sports soon approaching, Huntley’s boys cross country team is wrapping up their season. Soon heading down...

Hallways are blocked off to provide a quiet environment for test takers.

Students take PSAT once again

October 12, 2017

On Oct. 11, the dull skies coated the walls of the upstairs circle at HHS as junior Sabrina Ligeza sat down to take the Preliminary SAT.  With an envious...

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The Neighbourhood Makes a not so “Hard” Comeback

September 27, 2017

Honestly, it’s “Hard” not to scream every time Jesse Rutherford’s voice graces my ears. My old The Neighbourhood is back, and after an unnecessarily...

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Gorrilaz makes a comeback

April 19, 2017

orillaz is back in an improved virtual world, and it’s pixelated perfection. After falling off the Earth for seven years, the British virtual band...

Students prepare for high school with orientation

Students prepare for high school with orientation

April 18, 2017

Outside Huntley High´s cafeteria, it was a battle zone. Juniors Jacob Lopez and Ben Johnson were reenacting a scene from the fall play, Macbeth; they...

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A tribute to Bob Marley’s ‘Kaya’

March 5, 2017

his may be an odd time for a tribute, but hey it’s never a bad time to praise influential people of music. March 23 marks 39 years since Bob Marley’s...

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STRFKR releases “The Vault. Vol. 1.”

February 16, 2017

I have a story to tell. I was scrolling through Spotify about five minutes ago, looking at the new releases. I mistakenly threw on an album because I mixed...

(B. Hollatz)

Orchesis performs spring dance concert

February 13, 2017

On Feb. 11, in the PAC, JV Choreographer Samantha Barnewolt walked towards the center of the stage. With the clunking of her booties, she confidently prefaced...

JV forms their pyramid. (S. Biernat)

Huntley hosts annual Sweetheart Challenge Competition

January 23, 2017

Entering the high school, the bright lights and booming music made up for the dull, gloomy skies. The world of cheer had engulfed all the attendees and...

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Top 7 Soundcloud Songs

January 15, 2017

  oundcloud is home to some of the best remixes. The website, as a whole, has introduced me to new tracks and artists that Spotify cannot provide,...

Sophomore Frank Mete along with his friends prance around the stage (S. Biernat)

Christmas comes early with winter choir concert

December 2, 2016

Opening the choir room doors, junior Jillian Hooker felt a rush of energy from her peers. With small talk filling the room, she made her way over by some...

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Thank you for your service, Tribe

November 24, 2016

he year of 1990 was blessed. A few months ago, my ears became blessed. And hopefully Phife Dawg has grown his wings. Thank you for your service, A Tribe...

The SparkNotes webpage is easy to use and useful for comprehension. (Photo  courtesy of S. Biernat)

SparkNotes sparks interests in students for the wrong reasons

November 7, 2016

Reading frantically, junior Emily Hawkins sat in her eighth hour English class. Procrastination had taken over once again. “I’m only on chapter...

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Indie takes a turn with new Two Door Cinema Club release

October 20, 2016

isco is coming back… kind of. After a long four years, Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club is back, and this new record is so good. I really...

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This Is: Local Natives

October 2, 2016

WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS BAND IF YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE. This is simply a breakdown of one of indie’s best bands, Local Natives, and...

Huntley prepares teens for college with seminar

Huntley prepares teens for college with seminar

September 13, 2016

n Monday, Sept. 12, a small handful of parents and students gathered in the Huntley Library´s program room to discuss life after high school. The Illinois...

Flume disappoints fans with Skin

Flume disappoints fans with “Skin”

May 31, 2016

lume is back with new music! On May 27, Australia’s electronica producer Flume came out with “Skin.” With classic house roots and hip-hop undertones,...

Flippy Kid

Flippy Kid

May 19, 2016

ith perfect flip form, a sophomore kid fell from the top of the East Gym and face planted onto the wood flooring. With a 10 second video going viral, this...

Max releases Hells Kitchen Angel (Courtesy of

“Hell’s Kitchen Angel” provides listeners with upbeat rhythms

April 18, 2016

he album title isn’t what it seems to be, I promise. Hell’s Kitchen, New York is where he grew up, around Time Square. This angel, is an attractive...

COW meeting discusses replacing school ranking with new one

COW meeting discusses replacing school ranking with new one

April 11, 2016

he Committee of the Whole held its monthly meeting on April 7 at 6 p.m. After the Call to Order, the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by sophomores Maggie...

SteLouse provides his set to a wild audience (Courtesy of

SteLouse is an on the rise EDM artist

March 22, 2016

here really isn’t much to say about SteLouse. He’s an underground artist, only 8,000 likes on Facebook, hits nearly a million listens on a very song...

COW discusses Dell Webb parking issue

COW discusses Dell Webb parking issue

March 7, 2016

fter stating the district mission statement and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the Committee of the Whole meeting began at six p.m on March 3.  The...

Huntley Crowns a New Mr. HHS

Huntley Crowns a New Mr. HHS

March 3, 2016

he brisk winter air transitioned to a warm, laughter filled air on Wednesday March 2 as guest eagerly waited in the PAC for the annual Mr. HHS pageant...

MAX promotes his new album Gibberish (Courtesy of

Top Seven Underrated Artists

February 26, 2016

ithin the last 12 months, I’ve found myself becoming obsessed with a lot of different genres of music, a lot of it considered “hipster” and “underground.”...

Wiz Khalifas new album Khalifa disappoints many fans (Courtesy of

Wiz Khalifa Disappoints with New Album ‘Khalifa’

February 9, 2016

am slowly having no faith in music. Everything is trash now, no creativity, nothing original; everything is just basic. I thought there was still faith...

Coasts releases their debut album, Coasts (Courtesy of

Coasts releases unique album ‘Coasts’

February 2, 2016

ell, they aren’t necessarily from any coast… On Jan. 22, England’s indie pop band Coasts released their debut album “Coasts.” The album is...

Panic! At the Disco! releases their new album Death of a Bachelor with a soon to be scheduled tour (Courtesy of

Panic! At The Disco Lacks Creativity With “Death of a Bachelor”

January 19, 2016

am cringing, what happened to creativity? Panic! At The Disco released their newest album “Death Of A Bachelor” Jan. 15 and I highly advise you...

Hoodie Allen remains one of top artists who holds a prominent mixtape (Courtesy of

Top three mixtapes of the decade

December 7, 2015

rom Chicago, to Los Angeles, to Long Island, different vibes come together to create one unison sound. Different collaborations, to the talk of drugs,...

Junior Samantha Andersen reads her novel to the group (S. Biernat)

Teens share their creativity at this month’s Teen Zine meeting

November 25, 2015

itting around a small square table were five teens and one librarian. Today, Nov. 25, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., was the monthly meeting for  Teen...

The Neighbourhoods new album Wiped Out gives fans a variety of new songs (Courtesy of

The Neighbourhood gives fans a variety of new songs in “Wiped Out”

November 11, 2015

am feeling "Wiped Out!" from all the excitement I’ve been feeling for the last few months. Once again, there is another amazing pun to start off...

Huntley kicks off fall season with annual Fall Band Concert

Huntley kicks off fall season with annual Fall Band Concert

October 21, 2015

n Oct. 20 at 7 p.m, families and friends came together in the PAC for the first band concert of the year. As parents and siblings grabbed their programs...

Disclosure does not disappoint fans with their new album Caracal (Courtesy of

Disclosure Takes Over the House Music World with “Caracal”

October 18, 2015

isclosure’s new album is something big. You will become latched onto this new album, “Caracal." With terrible puns aside, the British duo is back...

Homecoming Dance adds new rules

Homecoming Dance adds new rules

October 4, 2015

n Saturday, Oct. 3,  Huntley students and guests piled in the East Gym for the annual Homecoming dance. A half hour before the dance, students lined...

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