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Top 7 Soundcloud Songs
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Soundcloud is home to some of the best remixes. The website, as a whole, has introduced me to new tracks and artists that Spotify cannot provide, and it is amazing. I have compiled a list of my top hits on the app. Ranging from R&B to hip-hop to tranquil trap tracks, it is here in all its glory. It was hard, considering there are thousands of songs, but here are my top seven.

  1. “40 Water” by Marc E. Bassy

I have never been a huge R&B fan, but that all changed once I heard Bassy’s voice. His voice is sexy and straight up sultry. Everything with and without his vocals is gold, and “40 Water” is the cherry on the top of his music career’s sundae.

He reminds me of The Weeknd, giving off the bad boy vibe with the beats and dark lyricism. There isn’t much more to say, except it gets you in a mood. A similar song is “Body Better” by Blackbear.


  1. “Memorie$” by Goody Grace ft. Jesse Rutherford and A$AP Ant

The most relatable song to any teenager in our area. The song touches on wanting to leave home and explore the country because all you know is a bubble.

Goody Grace covers the chorus while Rutherford’s angelic vocals are all about wanting to reach out and leave his small community. If you want to reminisce on your childhood and endure wanderlust, give this a listen. The modern hip-hop beat does not match what usually overlays them.

  1. “Quite Some Time” by Nick Leng

I know almost nothing about this guy. All I know is this soothing sound I found on my feed was a blessing. The hypnotizing trap tempo is calming, but not the type of calming where you fall asleep. The mellow trap song is tranquil and a bunch of other “T” words.

I find it diminishes anxiety and easily puts someone at ease. Comparable to Leng’s track is the instrumental “Breathe” by Snow Garden. The only difference is “Breathe” is more of a jazzy tune. There is the same effect but with different approaches.

  1. “It’s Strange” by Louis The Child ft. K. Flay (TRAILS remix)

This Chicago-based EDM duo is fantastic, but this remix is way better than the original. Showcasing how a single person changes you, the rearranging of certain parts with instrumental breaks in between makes the song more exciting to listen to.

Some songs drag because of the same bass-line or few chords, and “It’s Strange” is one of them. The love song of every millennial’s relationship is too slow for my liking, but the TRAILS version eliminates that. The added beats do not add anything to the storyline, but it is a chill track to bump to with a loved one.


  1. “Broccoli” by D.R.A.M ft. Lil Yachty (Party Pupils remix)

This is just straight up fun. I cannot see someone bumping to this at a club, but surely a house party. It isn’t upbeat enough to cater to hundreds or thousands of people, but a full house, definitely.


Party Pupils adds a standard mix but carries the same piano-poppy rhythm as in the original. The smooth transition from the verses to chorus is unbelievably well done. I find in some remixes, if they aren’t done well, the climax to the bass drop can be choppy. Luckily, that isn’t the problem here.
2. “Diddy Bop” by Noname ft. Raury and Cam O’bi

Noname is so poetic. She has become more known over the last few months but is still highly underrated. “Diddy Bop” is a feel good song about the streets of Southside Chicago, where Fatima grew up.

One of the best decisions she made for the album “Telefone” was inviting Raury onto this track. His mellow, smooth voice suits th minimal beat and brings a lot to the song. It is clean cut start to finish and there is no way to get enough.


  1. “Lost” by Chance The Rapper ft. Noname

Ah, young love.  That moment when Mom and Dad do not like Johnny’s attitude but you are madly in love and this becomes a track on a fantastic mixtape. What Chance and Noname rap out pretty explicitly is how madly in love they are with their partners, or someone they know is, and how they want to get lost in each other.

This has got to be one of the most sentimental songs I have heard. While some lyrics on the rest of “Acid Rap” make no sense and are plain silly, raw emotion is captured in the beat and lyrics. The light piano adds a romantic touch and the song is done exceptionally well.

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