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Singles that’ll Single-handily Change Pop Tunes


The creative visions of music have gone downhill. Record labels are the epitome of the industry’s major problems, and quite frankly, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for the near future (excluding Adele because she’s an angel).

Above is how I’ve felt for the last few years. While the industry has become a robotic mess, there’s a glimpse at a bright future thanks to Spotify’s “New Releases.” Here are some of them:

  1. “Finesse” by Bruno Mars (ft. Cardi B)

It’s a banger. Mars took a sweet turn in reverse and has graced us with 80s influenced beats in 2017, and it has carried over into 2018. I’m not a fan of Cardi B, but her rap on this remix flows perfectly.

“Finesse” is a moderately sped up version  of “Chunky” and “Perm” off “24K Gold.” The disco beats intertwined with the smooth voice of Mars, making for an irresistibly funky tune.

  1. “Filthy” by Justin Timberlake

90s and early 2000s JT was better. I’m as big of a fan of Timberlake as anyone; he’s attractive, hilarious, and an iconic pop star. However, he should stick to his “Sexy Back” days.

This is industrial rock gone wrong. Trent Reznor, frontman, and creator of the industrial band Nine Inch Nails would be horrified. “Filthy” is a drunk, dubstep drowned “The Hand that Feeds” off Nine Inch Nails 2005 record “With Teeth.”

  1. “For You” by Liam Payne (ft. Rita Ora)

It still baffles me these One Direction members are going in the opposite direction than they have been portrayed as since “Up All Night” back in 2012.

As a former Directioner, I know what Payne’s vocal range is and how well he can belt out a tune. Although his voice has matured greatly since my “Up All Night” and “Take Me Home” day.

I was expecting some killer range; what a letdown. It should be “For You” by Rita Ora featuring Liam Payne. She murdered this track, and he was the lazy accomplice. Payne was ordered by Ora to grab a freshly sharpened ax and shotgun, but he prepared their attack with an empty magazine and dull ax.

Okay, I take it back, 2018 may be the year pop music makes a much-needed comeback. Let’s hope for a bright year, with fewer copycats and more Bruno Mars.

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