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Flume disappoints fans with “Skin”


Flume is back with new music!

On May 27, Australia’s electronica producer Flume came out with “Skin.” With classic house roots and hip-hop undertones, this guy’s album sounds just like every other trippy project out there. It’s unfortunate, considering his self titled debut album was amazing and unique and an overall masterpiece.

Comparing “Skin” to “Flume” is like comparing ketchup to mustard: they are completely different, but come from the same “family,” if you can catch on to that simile. “Flume” is more house than trip-hop, it has a Disclosure sound. On the other hand, “Skin” is trippy and is more hip-hop based with hints of childhood memories.

On certain tracks, like “Never Be Like You,” a fairy-like sound is produced as if it was an audio book for Tinkerbell. Is it wrong to compare them? Maybe, but the point is when Flume was smaller, he had more of a desire to have his own sound, not blend in with everyone else.

"Skin" by Flume is his sophomore album, following his success with his self-titled debut album. (courtesy of
“Skin” by Flume is his sophomore album, following his success with his self-titled debut album. (courtesy of

“Skin” is just the product of another lazy act using ideas of other people. Take any Chet Faker song and put it up next to anything off “Skins” and they are the same thing. Same computer generated drum beat and synthesizer, everything is copied. On top of that, Flume’s crave for stardom led him to use the same rhythms as today’s biggest stars.

Speaking of which, Beyonce wants her song back. “Wall F*ck” is basically “Partition.” Both have a sound that reminds of ancient Egypt. With the exception of that, and its rather blunt and explicit title, the song is pretty sick. Repetitive, but edgy. Then yet, Beyonce has always been edgy.

If there was one thing to interpret from this album that can cover music for 2016, it’s that there was an uphill battle since roughly 2005 and the musicians have been crushed. Don’t even bother listening to this. Instead, listen to Chet Faker. You’ll understand why if you do. Flume is another victim of the industry’s evil plan to brainwash creators.

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