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Wiz Khalifa Disappoints with New Album ‘Khalifa’

Iam slowly having no faith in music.

Everything is trash now, no creativity, nothing original; everything is just basic. I thought there was still faith in rap music because of G-Eazy’s album “When It’s Dark Out,” but I was sadly mistaken.

When it comes to Khalifa, his “art” is a hit or miss situation. The 2014 track “Ass Drop,” the 2011 track “Black and Yellow,” and the 2012 track “Work Hard, Play Hard” are a few bangers. However, Khalifa’s new creation is nothing but a lazy act.

Therefore, this Friday, Feb. 6, Wiz Khalifa dropped this trash of an album, titled “Khalifa.” Going into this I knew it would be as awkward and painful to listen to as a redneck child giving a presentation in a prestigious Catholic high school. He collaborated with Travis Scott, the king of too much auto tune, and only writes about getting girls and smoking a lot of pot, getting wasted, and partying till the early hours of the morning.

There really isn’t much to say about the production of this album, just take a look at anything Travis Scott and Drake has put out, mix their beats together, and there you have it, any song off of “Khalifa.” An example of this is the song “Bake Sale” featuring Travis Scott. Since Scott is on this track, it makes sense why the song sounds like something he would put out, however, there should be something different about it, just a little something. Please Khalifa, you’re killing me, you’re killin me smalls!

Wiz Khalifa's new album "Khalifa" disappoints many fans (Courtesy of
Wiz Khalifa’s new album “Khalifa” disappoints many fans (Courtesy of

Although this was hard to listen to, there was one small, tiny, nearly nonexistent moment on this record that wasn’t terrible. That moment was at the end of “Zoney” when Wiz had his son, Sebastian, at the end of the song speaking and repeating things Wiz was saying. It made my heart melt and saved me from wanting to throw my computer across the room.

This was one of those times where relying on a popular single would have came in handy. This record doesn’t have any huge tracks on it, which if it did, may have saved the album a little bit.

Overall, this was a mess. If you need new rap music to listen to, I recommend Mac Miller’s song “Weekend” featuring Miguel, the album “Happy Camper” by Hoodie Allen, or anything by Tyler, The Creator. More creativity equals more awesomeness, which is something Khalifa lacks in.

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