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Drakes new album Views is now available (Courtesy of

‘Views’ connects listeners to isolation

By Lucas Modzelewski
May 2, 2016

ast Friday, Canadian-born rapper Drake released his highly-anticipated new album and the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed 2013 album, “Nothing Was...

Max releases Hells Kitchen Angel (Courtesy of

“Hell’s Kitchen Angel” provides listeners with upbeat rhythms

By Sarah Biernat
April 18, 2016

he album title isn’t what it seems to be, I promise. Hell’s Kitchen, New York is where he grew up, around Time Square. This angel, is an attractive...

SteLouse provides his set to a wild audience (Courtesy of

SteLouse is an on the rise EDM artist

By Sarah Biernat
March 22, 2016

here really isn’t much to say about SteLouse. He’s an underground artist, only 8,000 likes on Facebook, hits nearly a million listens on a very song...

Tiga poses for his new album No Fantasy Required (Courtesy of

“No Fantasy Required” remains a throwaway album

By Lucas Modzelewski
March 7, 2016

he Canadian-born DJ Tiga just came out with a new album this past Thursday, entitled “No Fantasy Required.” Prior to creating this record, Tiga had...

MAX promotes his new album Gibberish (Courtesy of

Top Seven Underrated Artists

By Sarah Biernat
February 26, 2016

ithin the last 12 months, I’ve found myself becoming obsessed with a lot of different genres of music, a lot of it considered “hipster” and “underground.”...

Wiz Khalifas new album Khalifa disappoints many fans (Courtesy of

Wiz Khalifa Disappoints with New Album ‘Khalifa’

By Sarah Biernat
February 9, 2016

am slowly having no faith in music. Everything is trash now, no creativity, nothing original; everything is just basic. I thought there was still faith...

Coasts releases their debut album, Coasts (Courtesy of

Coasts releases unique album ‘Coasts’

By Sarah Biernat
February 2, 2016

ell, they aren’t necessarily from any coast… On Jan. 22, England’s indie pop band Coasts released their debut album “Coasts.” The album is...

Panic! At the Disco! releases their new album Death of a Bachelor with a soon to be scheduled tour (Courtesy of

Panic! At The Disco Lacks Creativity With “Death of a Bachelor”

By Sarah Biernat
January 19, 2016

am cringing, what happened to creativity? Panic! At The Disco released their newest album “Death Of A Bachelor” Jan. 15 and I highly advise you...

G-Eazy takes a step in the right direction with his new album When Its Dark Out (Courtesy of

Rapper G-Eazy takes a big step with ‘When It’s Dark Out’

By Samantha Stubits
December 9, 2015

“In just one year I went from overlooked to overbooked,” G-Eazy raps on “Sad Boy.” The MC’s second LP aspires to back up his claim that he’s...

Hoodie Allen remains one of top artists who holds a prominent mixtape (Courtesy of

Top three mixtapes of the decade

By Sarah Biernat
December 7, 2015

rom Chicago, to Los Angeles, to Long Island, different vibes come together to create one unison sound. Different collaborations, to the talk of drugs,...

The Neighbourhoods new album Wiped Out gives fans a variety of new songs (Courtesy of

The Neighbourhood gives fans a variety of new songs in “Wiped Out”

By Sarah Biernat
November 11, 2015

am feeling "Wiped Out!" from all the excitement I’ve been feeling for the last few months. Once again, there is another amazing pun to start off...

Kurt Cobain leaves a behind a powerful message in his new released single And I Love Her(Courtesy of

Kurt Cobain leaves a last powerful message in “And I Love Her”

By Samantha Stubits
November 9, 2015

urt Cobain’s cover of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” was released soon after the documentary, 'Montage of Heck.' This cover is chillingly beautiful...

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