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Kurt Cobain leaves a last powerful message in “And I Love Her”

Kurt Cobain’s cover of The Beatles’ “And I Love Herwas released soon after the documentary, ‘Montage of Heck.’ This cover is chillingly beautiful and gives a deeper meaning than the original. This single, which has never been heard before, was home recorded with only his acoustic guitar and himself.

Kurt was the lead singer and guitarist in the grunge band, Nirvana. Along with the other members of the band, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, Nirvana happened to be one of the most popular bands of the ’90s. Although Kurt was a rising rock star, he also had his hardships. Kurt battled with an addiction to heroin throughout his career. Sadly, on April 5, 1994, Cobain committed suicide. Since this day, we have not forgotten this incredible artist or his music.

Kurt Cobain leaves a behind a powerful message in his new 'released' single "And I Love Her"(Courtesy of
Kurt Cobain leaves a behind a powerful message in his new ‘released’ single “And I Love Her”(Courtesy of

Cobain’s “And I Love Herhas the ability to surprise many fans. 

“I like the Beatles, but I hate Paul McCartney,”said Cobain.

“Nobody in Kurt’s life – not his management, wife, bandmates – had ever heard his Beatles thing,” Morgen told The Rolling Stone. “I found it on a random tape. It’s a Paul song. How’s that for shattering the myth?”

This song shows us a side of Cobain we rarely see; the vulnerability and softness in his tone, his acoustic guitar instead of electric. You can tell he really meant was he was saying even though the lyrics were not his own. We are so used to of hearing his angst and anger, that we forget he had a vulnerable side that we all have. You may not like the type of music he created, but this song is meaningful, powerful, and deserves to be heard.

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