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“Hell’s Kitchen Angel” provides listeners with upbeat rhythms

The album title isn’t what it seems to be, I promise. Hell’s Kitchen, New York is where he grew up, around Time Square. This angel, is an attractive girl he’s into.

Max Schneider, or MAX, is among other up and coming artists trying to make it in the music industry. Signing with his good friends, Fall Out Boy, DCD2 has changed the image of this former Nickelodeon star.

Max releases "Hell's Kitchen Angel" (Courtesy of
Max releases “Hell’s Kitchen Angel” (Courtesy of

Schneider had this persona as an average child star who wanted to make pure, wholesome music. Now four years later, the word “pure” doesn’t fit his description anymore. On April 8, MAX released his debut album “Hell’s Kitchen Angel.” Pop music “after hours”  is the only way to interpret the overall concept behind this piece of art. It’s one of those albums where every other song has a different grasp on the same dark, sultry concept.

“Wrong” is bass heavy. The track reminds me of something Mac Miller would make under his name “Delusional Thomas.” They are nothing alike but Miller’s track “Halo” has the same compelling, edgy, twisted style as Schneider does. As Timeflie’s front-man Cal Shapiro would say, it’s a “baby maker” track, similar to their song “Insomniac.”

The fourth track “Holla,” after “Wrong,” is what Shapiro would call a “club banger” track. Upbeat, the catchy tune captures a majority of the songs on this CD. It’s a feel good song, with a hint of sexual tension. There isn’t much tension, but what he does bring affects the mood completely.

Oh, he also brings up Chicago sometimes, which is pretty dope. That’s off topic, but I think we can all agree Chicago is a beautiful city. This New York native knows what’s up.

Now for the greatest track to ever be put out into the universe, “Basement Party.” I’m obsessed, it’s been on repeat everyday for the past week. Since MAX is a shorter guy, he once said in an interview on a FaceBook livestream, he prefered having house parties instead of going to clubs. This way, he could see everything, and party in the comfort of a home.

The beginning of the “Basement Party” has a light beat under his vocals and by the chorus it picks up. It’s a more or less a feel good song. His range excels in this song at the bridge, right before the chorus. His range is incredible, there’s no way to auto tune what this kid has.

What I’ve learned from this album is how MAX enjoys taking risks, is mad short, and I want to go to one of his basement parties. He breaks free from the ordinarily basic rock sound that DCD2 produces. I’m going to go now and bump “Basement Party.”

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