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“No Fantasy Required” remains a throwaway album
Tiga poses for his new album “No Fantasy Required” (Courtesy of

The Canadian-born DJ Tiga just came out with a new album this past Thursday, entitled “No Fantasy Required.” Prior to creating this record, Tiga had recorded  three other studio albums: “Sexor” in 2006, “Ciao!” in 2009, and “Non Stop” in 2012. None really gained much steam but they put his name on the map as one of the more notable DJs in the Electronic/Dance scene.

“No Fantasy Required” is not a huge change in sound for Tiga, but he sticks to what he knows best and that is to be repetitive, yet have catchy electronic songs with generally bad vocals.

While many songs have that distinct catchy sound to them, only two stand out to be unique. Those two songs are the first song off the album, the title track, “No Fantasy Required,” and the last song on the album, “Blondes Have More Fun.”

Tiga poses for his new album "No Fantasy Required" (Courtesy of
Tiga poses for his new album “No Fantasy Required” (Courtesy of

“No Fantasy Required” has one of the best beats on the whole album and, rather than have the song be ruined by Tiga’s usual terrible vocals, the song has vocals that don’t distract from the surrounding sounds and beats, and it makes for a solid dance song.

However, the very best song on the album is “Blondes Have More Fun.” The final song, like the title track, has decent enough vocals, but the actual lyrics feel inspired and not just words to fill a void. The non-vocal parts of the song are unquestionably the best on the whole record. Honestly, it is the only song that does not feel too redundant or boring by the end of it. It is just a great song that any non-electronic music fan should still give a listen to.

Unfortunately, most of the rest of the album feels very wishy-washy and dull. A lot of this record just blends together and does not stand out or feel unique in any way. A couple songs, like “Bugatti” and “Planet E,” have some pretty solid beats, but the vocals just really hurt the song. Tiga just is not a good singer and once he realizes that and tries to get featuring artists to appear on his records, he may start to become a more well-known name.

The only other song on the album worth giving a listen is “Tell Me Your Secret.” It is similar to “Blondes Have More Fun” in the way that the lyrics are not terrible and the softness and slowness of the song give a nice break to the generally more upbeat songs. The piano is quite nice, but yet again, as is accustomed by now, Tiga’s vocals just hurt the song.

Overall, this album is about as average as Electronic-Dance albums come. Give “Blondes Have More Fun” a listen, but unless you are really into that genre, this is a throwaway album that you can forget.

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