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SteLouse is an on the rise EDM artist

There really isn’t much to say about SteLouse. He’s an underground artist, only 8,000 likes on Facebook, hits nearly a million listens on a very song he released on SoundCloud. He’s the future of EDM.

Ross Ryan, or SteLouse, is a Denver native. He started posting on SoundCloud only a year ago, making himself  known with various remixes of generally pop songs. These well respected songs always sound different, and are never popular.

A year ago, he released his ODESZA remix of “Say My Name,” and now just about every YouTuber uses it one way or another in their videos. He currently released a new song on March first entitled “Call Me.” It is a very mellow song, then picks up.

Unlike the “flips,” or twists, of already produced songs, his original works are all instrumental. There isn’t a flowing story either, it’s more of a journey, a well produced sound. You can take the song into your hands and dissect it.

SteLouse provides his set to a wild audience (Courtesy of
SteLouse plays his set to a wild audience (Courtesy of

“Call Me” has the SteLouse and MYRNE twist, whom he collaborated with, but has that modern every EDM concept. The chorus has the same beat drop as in Louis The Child’s remake of the tune “Oh Wonder.” The computer generated sound effect, sounding like whooping wind, adds the chill dynamics of the first verse of the SteLouse and MYRNE track.

An infrequent theme throughout SteLouse’s productions is the balance among chill, angst, and extremely energized beats. The reason it’s infrequent, but there, is because not every song has those characteristics. The songs that do though, are absolutely dope. As stated above, it’s all a journey. The listener can take it how they want to, it has no direct meaning, except for the remixes since those songs contain lyrics. It’s all a magical concept that man has put out on the Internet. The future is looking excellent for this guy, and I hope his skills keep an innovative line of music running.

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