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Teens share their creativity at this month’s Teen Zine meeting

Junior Samantha Andersen reads her novel to the group (S. Biernat)

Sitting around a small square table were five teens and one librarian. Today, Nov. 25, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., was the monthly meeting for  Teen Zine. Teen Zine, a club held at the Huntley Library, is for young writers and artists who want to show off their work in a quarterly magazine. It is open to sixth graders through seniors in high school.

“It began in 2008 when the Teen Advisory Board wanted to do something with journalism,” said Young Adult librarian and Teen Zine adviser Karin Thogersen.

Throughout the years, they gained and lost members, as some people have graduated from high school and some decided to join because of their friends.

“Kids can submit their work for the publication without being a member,” said Thogersen.

Due to that option, there are usually only six returning members that come to these meetings. Once settled, everyone had miscellaneous conversations about school, driving, cartoons and very fancy lamps. With lots of laughter in the air, HHS junior Samantha Andersen began reading the third chapter of her novel; a romantic drama with no set name.

“You should name it ‘Missy and Her Lamp'” said Melanie Andersen jokingly, Samantha’s younger sister.

Half way through the chapter, Andersen was interrupted by the laughter of fellow junior Taylor Bradley. She was laughing at the reference of an inside joke thrown into the story.

Once Andersen finished, Thogersen said how “next month there will be a section for fan fiction”.  When everyone heard this, their faces light up like Christmas trees. According to Thogersen the fan fiction can be about whatever they want it to be about,  just like everything else published in the magazine.

The night overall consisted of sarcastic phrases, laughter, and Melanie Andersen saying “this is awkward” quite a bit when her sister was reading her novel. The next meeting will be Dec. 18 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Program room at the Huntley library.

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