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Disclosure Takes Over the House Music World with “Caracal”

Disclosure’s new album is something big.

You will become latched onto this new album, “Caracal.” With terrible puns aside, the British duo is back with a similar vibe, yet new beats that will get you hooked.

Disclosure does not disappoint fans with their new album "Caracal" (Courtesy of
Disclosure does not disappoint fans with their new album “Caracal” (Courtesy of

Let’s start off with Disclosure’s biggest hit, “Latch” featuring Sam Smith. The single, which came out in 2013,  was also number three on Billboard’s Top 40.

The song starts off with a deep bass rhythm that carries on throughout the song. However, in their new single “Omen” featuring Sam Smith again, the song starts off with the same beat created by a synthesizer.

House music is generally a mixture of computer generated beats along with the synthesizer, an electronic instrument usually on the top of a piano. In the world of house music, synthesizers are equivalent to the drums in Nirvana songs, they are the backbones to every song. Without it, the song wouldn’t sound right.

With that being said, there is only one song Disclosure hasn’t relied on a synthesizer for. That song is “Molecules.”The song has a down beat of a deep bass drum, which carries throughout the song. It definitely adds a variety to this album.

As of Oct. 8, “Caracal” has songs at the top of the Electronic Billboard charts. The songs include, “Omen” and “Magnets” featuring Lorde.

“Magnets,” just like “Molecules” begins with a drum beat, but is soon followed by a synthesizer. This drum has more of a bongo sound to it.

The song describes a relationship a girl wants to be in, with Lorde playing the part of the girl in the music video. Like “Omen” and “Moving Mountains,” at the chorus of the song there are different octaves of Lorde’s voice creating one big harmony.

Overall “Caracal” is a remarkable album and just proves even more that Disclosure is a force to be reckoned with.


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