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 With the new gender-neutral rule, administrators won’t just be handing out one crown and one tiara anymore.
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Royally new rules to the crown and court

As administrators put in place the new gender-neutral Homecoming Court rule, many students and staffers debate whether the change was necessary or not.
By Carrie Willig
October 8, 2023

The rainbow-colored lights are strobing across the vast dance  floor, filled with sparkling dresses of all colors at Prom. The DJ is blasting the top...

Varsity Football vs. Hampshire, 9.22.23.

Varsity Football vs. Hampshire, 9.22.23.

By Kathleen Nash
September 27, 2023

Boys varsity Football earn themselves yet another Homecoming win on Friday 8/22. Huntley with 34 points and Hampshire with 7.

Mat Talk Episode 1

Mat Talk Episode 1

Join Emma McCoy in her journey through the Huntley's Homecoming football game.
By Emma McCoy
October 19, 2022

A corsage worn around the wrist, signifying the beauty of the night.

The rise of homecoming

The Student Council has bigger and better plans for Huntley High School's Homecoming this year.
By Sharon Omoniyi
September 21, 2022

Music blasted with the intent to entertain, shoes trampled the mildly wet grass, sparkly dresses glimmered in the distance, and silk textured suits surrounded...

Homecoming Pep Assembly, 9.17.21

Homecoming Pep Assembly, 9.17.21

By Syed Hashmi
September 22, 2021

Huntley High School's annual Homecoming pep assembly, after not being held last year due to COVID restrictions, comes back with a bang. The pep assembly...

Guys Poms performs at the pep assembly on Friday, Sept. 17. (S. Hashmi)

Homecoming week brings sense of normalcy

By Ben Rocks
September 20, 2021

The anticipated bell rings. Students spill out into the ever-so-crowded hallways, chattering about each other's outfits. It is officially Homecoming week....

Huntleys Homecoming themes in need for a new change

Huntley’s Homecoming themes in need for a new change

By Annaliese Harper
October 15, 2019

In the middle of first semester every school year, schools across the country host a special football game known as the ‘Homecoming’ game. Along with...

E. Babicz

Raiders bring the heat on a frigid Homecoming night

By Ethan Babicz
October 12, 2019

The grey-layered clouds raced across the sky, bringing with it the whipping wind that sent a chill through everyone at the game. The football players,...

Homecoming pep rally proves to be a success

Homecoming pep rally proves to be a success

By Natalie VonderHeide
October 12, 2019

From the east gym bleachers to Raider Nation, Huntley High School prepares for Friday’s homecoming game with its annual pep rally.  Students grade...

A. Reilly

Best Dressed: Kamsi Nwogu

By Ashley Reilly
October 1, 2018

Sophomore Kamsi Nwogu looked stunning in her Homecoming game football wear. Kamsi says that her friends inspired and pushed her to go all out during the...

HHS Pep Rally: Starting the Year Off With a Bang

HHS Pep Rally: Starting the Year Off With a Bang

By Ayman Mirkhan
September 30, 2018

As all the students waited patiently in the bleachers, Principal Marcus Belin glides through the gymnasium on his hoverboard. Cries of excitement and laughter...

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